We, as audience have many questions regarding the star we see on television or on our mobile screens in daily life. The same is the case with model and actress Surbhi Mahendru who is an Interior designer by profession but is well recognized in audience for her work with various Punjabi Artists, especially in music industry. Surbhi Mahendru has worked with many well known singers of the industry in their video songs. Hence, there are number of questions running in many of her fans, we will let you know answers of all of them.


Here we go starting with some of the questions. Most of the people search for Surbhi Mahendru favourite lip colour, in answer to which she says that her favourite lip colour is fuchsia colour from family of pink colour. Surbhi Mahendru favourite clothing brand is not at all specific, she is in love with many different brands just as a girl she is in love with shopping and has worn various brands like Zara, Salsa, Endless, HNM and TR. The most of the clothes she has is of TR brand but not one favourite.

There are very major and minor incidents in each one’s life, so with the normal people and same with the stars as well. But people here in Surbhi Mahendru’s list are asking for Surbhi Mahendru naughty memory? And believe us the memory is more than just a simple naughty thing. The thing that will be with her forever and she remembers this very clearly. The memory she has is of her childhood time when she and one of her cousins were present in one of her relative’s marriage. During the time they went to a temple that was build in hall of that house, they just flamed a candle in front of statue of lord and closed their eyes and started singing.

surbhi mahendru
surbhi mahendru punjabi model

By a chance the flame reached till a cloth that was lying there, which resulted in high fire and the whole hall of the house was caught by fire, for which their family members had to call fire brigade for the help. They both got scolded very badly for ruining the house along with the nature environment of marriage. After this comes Surbhi Mahendru role model?  about which she says that just like many other girls her role model is also her father but other that this she used to be in Amritsar for tuitions during her schooling and college days, the teacher taught the subjects not related to her syllabus but Surbhi Mahendru was there just for the teacher not for studies. One of her role models is her tuition teacher, Binny Mam is also there.

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surbhi mahendru

Just like Male models attract female fans much, just like this there are many male fans of Surbhi Mahendru who wants to know that the first thing Surbhi Mahendru notes in a boy. In answer to this she says that the very first thing she notes is his hands and shoes which reflects that how hygienic that person is, after this nature and manners are some of the most important parts of a person’s personality that she notes.

Recently Surbhi Mahendru got to work with most famous music production house of Punjabi music industry that is “Desi Crew”. So, her fans wanted to know Surbhi Mahendru working experience with Desi Crew. She says that the one of the owner of Desi Crew, that is Goldy is one of the funniest person she have ever seen along with him Satta and Permish Verma were there for a video and throughout the time, she was just laughing and laughing on their jokes. Her experience of working with them was too good and she enjoyed the time period spent with Desi Crew.

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surbhi mahendru

Surbhi Mahendru often takes a name while she gets interviewed that is “Parmod Sharma”. Hence the question raised Surbhi Mahendru relationship with Parmod Sharma? In answer to this she said that Parmod Sharma is the person that brought her to the industry, other than that he is their family friend and one of her best friends too just like one of her friends Khushi. Parmod Sharma is part of their family from a long time and her father is Parmod’s good firend too. She shares almost everything with Parmod Sharma.

surbhi mahendru biography
surbhi mahendru

Surbhi Mahendru is a beautiful model and she may have got proposes from many sides and some of her fans wanted to know that have Surbhi Mahendru received a crazy proposal? Whereas Surbhi Mahendru does not care about these things much and says that she does not really remembers if anything like that ever happened in her life.

As a model, her fans want her to be upgraded to movies so that they could see her on big screens as well. So the question was simple, Surbhi Mahendru is thinking about movies? She has a very clear answer to this that she does not think too much for her acting career and for her, interior designing is the main priority that she considers for a true business. For her acting is a side business not to be a full time job. Hence for the movies she says that she believes in quality work, not for quantity thing, she will defiantly do a movie only if she is given a quality work.

As a model, she must be very conscious about her diet; this is what people thing for Surbhi Mahendru and wants to know Surbhi Mahendru favourite Punjabi food. To which she says that as she is from Amritsar, Punjab and her favourite food is “Channa Kulcha” which is her all time favourite long with Lacha Prantha. She is very foodie and loves various dishes whereas these two are just the important parts.


There are various types of tensions in all our lives hence same with the people with some good work in hand. So the fans wanted to know Surbhi Mahendru stress buster? For which she says that she talks to her friends Khushi or Parmod Sharma when in stress, other than this her parents and especially mentioned her sister, talking to whom she feels relived. Laugher is the best medicine when in tension or pain, and they are the people who are laughter pills for her.

We all have a pet one liner that we speak many times during our talks, which further becomes a reflection of our speaking skills. So the last question was Surbhi Mahendru favourite one-liner? The answer to this was shocking; the word that she speaks most is “Oh fucking shit”, which is her sort of her favourite one-liner.

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