Amiek Virk -The Best Young Producer of Punjabi Cinema

Amiek Virk is a young and passionate Mohali based producer who started his career with movie Sardaar Ji. Recently he produced movie Lahoriye feat Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Guggu Gill, Sardar Sohi and others. Let us about his journey, experience, changing trends of Pollywood and much more.


He was born and brought up in Chandigarh. His father was a farmer then became a real estate developer. He worked with him for 6 years before stepping into the industry. He was an investor and executive producer in Sardaar Ji (Part 1). This venture was better than anything he had done.

The family has always been supportive of anything he wanted to do but in this field, it was not only financially but creatively also, they had amazing inputs. It’s all because of his family that he might make people smile this year.

Amiek Virk says Bambukat movie is close to his heart. He Found the script very rich and very challenging. It’s not the safe and ordinary rom-com producers keep lined up for the viewer. He gives credit to Jass Grewal for having such an extraordinary vision and a great story line that portrays the characters in such a way that it keeps things interesting. Having a good circle of friends helped him initially. One of his best friends Hobbie Randhawa knew Jarnail Singh from Virasat Films was his first helping hand. He then met Jass Grewal then Pankaj Batra so on so forth things started unfolding.


After Bambukat, amiek Virk produced Lahoriye, which is the superhit movie of 2017. Now he is gearing up for next movie Bhalwan Singh starring Ranjit Bawa.

According to Amiek Virk, major changes in his opinion in regards to the Punjabi cinema are the technical improvements in the production area, they are just as good as they are in Bollywood. Todays Punjabi actors and actresses are very flexible, they are not restricted to Punjabi industry only. And also the mutual understanding from the Punjabi production companies and the technicians from Bollywood is phenomenal, as it can be seen clearly in the final output of the movie. As far as business is concerned the outcome always depends on the product.

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