Jassi Gill Wiki Unknown Facts, Biography, Home, New Songs, Age, Bio, Wikipedia

Jassi Gill Wiki Unknown Facts,Jassi Gill Biography, Home, New Songs, Age, Bio, Wikipedia

 Jassi Gill wiki Jassi Gill is a famous singer and actor.He born on 26 November 1988 in Jandali Village of Khanna, Ludhiana. He belongs to a jatt Sikh family in Punjab. His Real name is Jasdeep Singh Gill. He is one of the most handsome looking Actors and Singer of Punjab. Jassi Gill never desired to become a singer.


Education and College Singing

Jassi Gill was not a bright student.He always runs away from classrooms. He has completed his graduation from Gobindgarh College with Music and physical education subjects. He uses to travel by bus in his student life because Jassi does not believe in show off.

His singing talent was noticed by his Professor Narinder Dhiman. Jassi Gill was asked to clear singing trials. After clearing initial trials he sung in college function where Jassi got first prize for his song. Professor Narinder Dhiman polished him and made him one of the most talented singers of Punjabi music industry.

Jassi Gill Music Career | Jassi Gill Songs

Jassi Gill made his debut as a Singer from the album Batchmate, Churiyan song of Batchmate album was a super hit. Churiyan song is still listened and liked by his fans all over the world.


When Jassi started singing he was looted by music companies and he was disappointed and depressed. Somehow he managed to get study visa of Australia. There he got a job to car washer and he earned money for his next album.

He returned after a year in and again tried his luck with album Batchmate 2. Lancer is the most popular song of Jassi Gill.

Before coming to mainline light, Jassi Gill had sung a kamal heer’s song jeede piche ho gya shudayi dila meria. That video went viral, even kamal heer praised his singing. Jassi was a common person at that time.

Jassi Gill Songs|Discography|List Of Jassi Gill’s Songs

  1. Batchmate 2011
  2. Batchmate-2 2013
  3. Lancer 2013
  4. Classmate 2013
  5. Pyar Mera 2013
  6. Mangeya Ae Dil 2013
  7. Ik Saal 2014
  8. Laden 2014
  9. Youngster Return 2015
  10. Attt Karti 2016
  11. Gabbroo 2016
  12. Anaconda 2016
  13. Laden 2016
  14. Yaar Jatt De 2016
  15. Gabbroo 2016
  16. Bournvita 2016
  17. Snapchat 2016
  18. Fer Ohi Hoyea 2016

Film career

Jassi Gill made his big screen debut with Punjabi movie Mr & Mrs 420. The movie was released on 14 march 2014, and it was a hit at that time. Jassi Gill received Best Debut Male for Mr & Mrs 420 movie. Jassi Gill was very nervous because he had not acted for any Punjabi movie.   

He just loves to surf the internet on laptop, and due to that laptop, his vision was reduced. In Lancer song he was wearing real glasses.

List of Jassi Gill Movies

Year   Film


2014   Mr & Mrs 420

2014   Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar

2014   Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin

2015   Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya

2015   Dildariyaan

2016   Channo Kamli Yaar Di

2016   Putt Sardaran De

2017   Sargi

View of Jassi Gill 

Jassi Gill says that your clothes should match with your profession; one should know what clothes suits his body shape.

Jassi Gill is a fashion icon. Youth follows him blindly, whatever Jassi wear. Punjabi youth just wants to copy everything from Jassi Gill.


He follows many fashion blogs on Instagram and facebook. Jassi Gill loves shopping and especially with friends. He never decides what he will buy before going for shopping. He just goes there and buys whatever he likes.

Jassi Gill does not want to sing Gun culture song. He just hates such songs. Most of his songs sung by Jassi Gill are Romantic. Following the death of Orchestra Dancer, Jassi Gill along with famous writer Narinder Bath announced on facebook that he will not sing or promote lyrics with violence.

Jassi says Singer and Lyricist cannot be created those are god gifted and one can only polish his singing.

What Jassi Gill Likes|Favourite things of Jassi Gill|Hobbies|

Jassi Gill loves to wear a turban and on every special occasion, he wear a turban (pagg). Until his school days, he was wearing turban (pagg) regularly.

Jassi doesn’t like Hollywood movies.

Jassi Gill loves to perform in Live shows.He says Live show gives him energy and confidence.

Aamir Khan is his favourite Bollywood actor.Firoz khan is his favourite singer. Favourite Food is POHA. Favourite music director Jatinder shah.

He feels sad when someone leaves bad comments on his facebook or social media accounts.

Jassi Gill Is gym Lover.He spent Most of the time in Gym.

Jassi Gill Wiki
Jassi Gill -Six Pack Abs

 Who Is the Best Friend of Jassi Gill? Best Buddy

Jassi Gill and Babbal Rai are best friends and Jassi says Babbal Rai is more than his big brother. He says the family is god gifted but a person should know how to choose his friends.


He feels lucky because his friends are good and they always support him. Jassi says he always remember all those persons who supported him at the time of the release of his first album Batchmate.

Jassi Gill is a national level Volleyball player. He was a libero special defensive player in his team. But now his life is busy and he misses his game.

Jassi and Babbal Rai are also fans of cricket. Both of them loves to watch each and every cricket match together. Jassi Gill’s favourite player is Virat Kohli. both are good bhangra dancers.

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Jassi Gill family Background | Jassi Gill Family Members

Jassi Gill’s father is a Tumbi player and he always wished that Jassi should become a singer. Jassi Gill’s father is also a farmer, He owns a dairy farm. His family always supported him. Jassi Gill says his mother loves him a lot. Jassi Gill has released his first album with the help of her mother’s saved money. That’s why he is always thankful to her mother.

Jassi Gill has three elder sisters and all are married. he is the youngest member of his family so was loved by all the family. He was very naughty in his childhood.

Everyone wants to know is Jassi gill married?, Yes he is married. Jassi gill’s marriage video is not available.Here is Pic of Jassi Gill with Wife.

Jassi Gill Wiki
Jassi Gill With his Wife


He wants to become like Gurdas Mann.Jassi says he have learned a lot from Punjabi legend Gurdas Mann during dildariyaan movie shoot.

Jassi Gill Bio Details

Real Name     Jasdeep Singh Gill

Father Name Gurwinder Singh


Uncle Name (Chacha ji): Rambinder Singh

Nickname       Jassi Gill

Profession       Singer, Model, Actor

Height in centimeters– 180 cm

Weight            in Kilograms- 75 kg

Eye Colour      Black

Hair Colour     Black

Date of Birth   26 November 1988

Age     28 Years (as in 2017)

Birth Place      Jandali, Khanna, Ludhiana, Punjab, India


School             Sant Ishar Singh Ji Memorial Public School, Karamsar Rara Sahib, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab, India

College           Gobindgarh College, Punjab India

Educational Qualifications    Graduated

Debut  Song Debut:       Chudiyan (2011)

Album Debut:           Batchmate (2011)

Film Debut:               Mr. & Mrs. 420 (2014)

Favourite Food           Poha

Favourite Actor          Aamir Khan

Favourite Actress       Neeru Bajwa

Favourite Singer         Feroz Khan, Gurdas Maan, Kamal Heer


Favourite Sports           Volleyball, Cricket

Marital Status             Married

Jassi gill’s contact number | Jassi gill’s WhatsApp number  919876653406

Jassi gill’s twitter: @jassi1gill

Jassi gill’s Instagram: @jassie.gill

Jassi gill’s Snapchat: @gilljassi1

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