Namr Gill- A Melodious Singer Expressing The Inexpressible Music

Namr Gill is a Punjabi singer who made his debut in Punjabi music industry by a song named as “Silent Love”. The song became so popular that it crossed over 27 million views on YouTube. Although not only this but Namr has also sung many songs and recorded them with videos at local levels, those songs were also loved by people but never got appreciated on a larger scale.


Namr Gill belongs to a Punjabi family that doesn’t have a blood relation with music but still Namr had the talent to be a part of this line from his childhood as his very first stage performance was during his school days when he was just around eight years old and there were some important guests those where about to come, so, this very young boy was made to sung in front of so many people, managing to match his voice with the music played and from huge claps from audience, he sang his very first song on stage.

Keeping his talent in mind, Namr’s father took him out of the village to surrender him to a person that could grow him further in the field of singing. And the person was very famous Punjabi poet “Gurnaam Gamma”, who taught singing to today’s star Namr Gill. Namr Gill himself feels that the biggest hand in his life is of Gurnaam Gamma behind his success and not only just singing but his master also taught him the life skills. Many small and big life experiences are gifted by the master to Namr.


When Namr was just 10 years old, then also he recorded an album which failed to release due to some reasons. But he never left the job and his passion, other than singing, music, Namr likes to watch and play cricket. Anyways, after the huge success of Silent Love, he released another single track titled as “Heart Break”, which was a romantic beat song. The writer of the song is a member of Namr’s music team “Hundal Preet”, who is also the writer of his very first song, Silent Love. Music of this song was done by Aakash, whom he calls his master as well, who is mostly along with him. The video was directed by Taj from Harsimran films.

Personally, Namr Gill likes to listen to classical and semi-classical songs that have a melody in them, also in which singer gets a chance to show his singing skills. In an interview, Namr shared that audience personally demanded him to release Silent love 2, and after many requests from his fans, he decided to do it. The song was written by Hundal Preet again and Jass Pessi was video director of the song. The song was released under the banner of T-series.

We wish him all the very best to this young man. May his songs remain hit and close to every Punjabi’s heart.

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