Photography is a male-dominated profession and this field is full of challenges. Ishhikaa Azad, a girl full of courage and passion is making the huge impact in Punjabi film industry with her unique style of photography.


Ishhikaa Azad is a celebrity and fashion photographer and her Portfolio is full of movie actors, actress, celebrities, musicians. Ishhikaa Azad’s work pushes boundaries of photography profession and she creates images that are full of emotions, original. Most of her captures are unique moments.

Recently had a conversation with Pollywood photographer Ishhikaa Azad and we have got some interesting facts about her personal and professional life, and here the conversation goes:

Ishhikaa Azad, that’s a unique name. Firstly we would like to know about your family background and basic facts about you.


My family and Real Name is Karandeep, family calls me Karandeep. Well about Ishhikaa Azad name, I decided by myself by numerology. “Azad” is representing a girl like a sparrow, a free sparrow, Apne dil di malik, Azad panshi.

Ishhikaa Azad  photography
A click by Ishhikaa Azad

This has become my professional name from the day I’ve been in the industry. Most of the people out of my family are familiar with Ishhikaa Azad but not with Karandeep Kaur.

I Karandeep Kaur officially Ishhikaa Azad belongs Amritsar, Village Kairon, Near Taran Taran. In 2008, After completing my school education, I shifted to Chandigarh for higher education and I am graduated in B.Sc in IT.

How you came in the field?

Photography is a God gift to me,  I was never think about it, slowly with the time start practicing ,for it and  found it passion which become my profession. I started it professionally in 2016, I started with wedding shoot, but my interest was for Punjabi Film Industry.

Poster Designed by Ishhikaa Azad

Later on, I learned technologies as well from Mr. JoginderPal Singh of fine arts college, sec 16 Chandigarh.


But the journey was never easy for me, I started my career from zero level by working as a wedding photographer.

After That, I met with my one of friend Mr. Stalinveer Singh where we worked together on his set and did poster shoot of Gurekam for his song. Gurekam was so impressed with my work and promised me to put my name on the poster that I have taken, that was one of the most successful moments of my life and I am very thankful to both Stalinveer Singh and Gurekam for appreciating my talent.

After this work I met with Devvy Bhaji (Famous Film Director), he had seen my work and promised to work together. I have created promotional posters for Fouji Kehar (Upcoming Punjabi Movie of Devvy Singh).

Mani boparai whom I met on the sets of fouji kehar singh, later become my good friend, called me for the poster of Hijrat Hindi Motion Picture. My work for Hijrat was very much appreciated by everyone during the press conference of Hijrat.

After this, I have big projects like Asses (Rana Ranbir’s Upcoming Punjabi Film )and I feel very blessed for everything I have done till now with God’s grace.

We feel very pleased Ishhikaa that you share so much experience of your life with us and now we would like to know the type of photography you like the most.

I love to capture human emotions that could clearly reflect the feelings. As you can see the photography of Hijrat is done by me that the picture speaks itself and there are although many types of photography but the thing that makes me different from others is that my pictures reflect emotions.

Ishhikaa Azad photographer
A Pic By Ishhikaa Azad

That is the fact which we have already observed that your pictures speak but one thing more that we have noticed is that most of the pictures that you post are black and white, what’s the reason behind this?

Haha, yea you observed that right, actually I love to capture pictures with emotions and I feel that Black & White photography attracts me more than the coloured part, this does not mean that I don’t like coloured pictures but the fact is that I love black & white pictures more.

A Pic By Ishhikaa Azad

The camera you like most?

The camera I love is only and only one that is 5D mark 3 with which I feel very satisfied every time I work.

Just suppose if you were not a photographer today then what you would be?

Singer, haha. This may seem very different but that is true that I wanted to be a singer but without any support, I failed to be the one, but I kept myself connected with the line through this and the result is this, I have given my voice to a song and it will be out soon.

That is great, we would like also to know about your future plans. And the aim you want to target your profession in future.

As I already told you that coming to photography was never a part of my personal preference and thought, but now as I am the part of this field, I’m very happy with everything God has given me, but you know everyone has some desires, so am I. I want to become a Director in the future. This is my big dream.And I have a desire to shoot on some locations of Australia and Canada.

Ishhikaa Azad
A Still From HIjrat. Clicked by Ishhikaa Azad

This was very nice of you; wishes you all the very best for your dream.

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