Munish Sahni is the owner of Omjee group which is the most common name that is seen as a tag under almost every Punjabi film. We have often seen and listed to the name of Omjee Group especially when we talk about Punjabi film industry. Here are we, introducing the owner of this group, Munish Sahni. More that this introduction we will also learn the role of Omjee Group in every film that is being made in Punjabi industry.


The work of a distributor is very responsible in case of movies as it is the distributor only who takes movie to big screens by combining itself with the cinemas worldwide. Which is one of the most important part played on or before the releasing date of a movie, this work requires a lot of patience, privacy and safety from the people who use piracy as a tool to expose movies before release on internet. More than this, a distributor is the one who tries to cover the maximum number of screens worldwide.

Omjee group is well known for their honest and clean work which has taken them up for the work of almost every Punjabi movie that is being made and is going to be done in the future. Super hit Punjabi movies like Bambukat, Nikka Zaildar, Lahoriye, Angrej, Naughty Jatts, Mr. & Mrs.420 and many more. Not only this but also Bollywood movies like Akshay Kumar’s Rustam, Om Shanti On, Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, London Dreams, Billu etc are distributed worldwide by Omjee Group.

Munish Sahni is a very humble natured as a person and believes that hard work along with faith in god is the only thing that can take you up in the business. He feels that all the competitors that are in the industry or outside it as well are nothing more than an inspiration of them. His father Late Shri Om Prakash Sahni was the one who founded this group and named it as “Omjee Cine World”. Munish Sahni took over this responsibility of the work on his shoulders, further he took this group on the highest levels. He further named this group as “Omjee Group” which is a tribute to his father.


Other than Pollywood and Bollywood industry, Omjee Group has collaborations with Hollywood Cinema as well that is not a small achievement. One of the favourite projects in Punjabi industry of Munish Sahni is project of movie Angrej. In Bollywood cinema he feels that “Om Shanti Om” was the great concept during start of his career and his very first project as well in 2007 in East Punjab Circuit. On the other side in an interview he said that the film like “Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya” was one of the best movies from Punjabi film industry but unfortunately it did not do a good work at box office.

Although there are many ups and downs during a business but still Omjee group has always been very positive towards the distribution of every movie in their way. They have taken Punjabi cinema to a level where it can compete with the grossing cinema like Bollywood. There are moments when this group has been thanked for their work like once during receiving an award on PTC Punjabi, Amrinder Gill thanked Omjee Group for their great work. This was one of the greatest moments for Munish Sahni during his career.

There have been around 11 years that he is into this business, after his father passed. Punjabi film industry has changed a lot along the time. From the traditional regions of Punjab, Omjee Group has taken this cinema to the places like Delhi, Mumbai and Punjab itself by creating 3 different offices in the cities. The aim before entering to the Punjabi film industry was to have transparency in the business, which is why it is running successfully from a long time.

With the growth of regional cinema, it has added so much to the ethics and morals to the society due to which exhibition sector has also grown immensely. Munish Sahni feels that family entertaining movies are the films which do a good business that is why in Punjabi cinema there is no lack of movies filled up with family drama. Only the thing is where Punjabi cinema should grow up is the part when it comes to professionalism, Munish Sahni told in an interview that as far as the professionalism is concerned, we are a way backward from Bollywood Industry, just when we will start providing quality work to the audience, Bollywood cinema is not a big thing to deal with.

The film festival that he attends is Goa Film Festival and being a distributor he says that this is his passion after this, there is a lot of potential in this field and business. When talking about overseas business, Munish Sahni says that there is a great amount of potential when it comes to overseas business of regional flicks also this is encouraging trend to capitalize on.

When asked about the thing that where do he sees Omjee group, the answer that he gave was very humble. He said that ‘till now we have distributed so many films with keeping the faith of producers alive by doing a clean and transparent job with accounts of the whole making team of the film. In future also we will keep the hard work up.’


A little fact about Munish Sahni is that he when taking big decisions discusses the scenario with his wife out of whom the results come true and right. For all the success behind this group he feels that blessing of his parents and grace of god has taken them to this height.

We from our side feel privileged to be part of this industry and have a healthy discussion on a distributor like Omjee Group and we that Late Shri Om Prakash Sahni ji along with Munish Sahni for adding so much to the cinema while doing a honest and clean business.

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