Poonam Sood: Pollywood Star Whose Talent Go Beyond Acting

Here we are with all of you presenting one more great artist from our Punjabi industry, Poonam Sood who is a great actress and artist, you all have already seen her work in the industry but now it’s time to know more about her life facts, and we have got her in front of you all. So here goes the conversation that Poonam Sood had with punjabdreamz.com;


Before anything else, we welcome you from the core of our hearts and this is a great owner of our team that you are at our desk for this conversation. We really hope that we will defiantly learn from your experience along with this audience will also be very happy to know some hidden facts of your life.

I am pleased more than your team sir and I myself feeling amazing by the way your team has treated me moreover I feel proud to be here, which is the most precious thing ever in someone’s life. Thank you so much for having me here.poonam sood interview

we would like to know your nickname.


Haha, that’s a unique question, by the way, my nickname is Lovely. Everyone in-home calls me by this name, which no one in the industry knows about.

Tell us about your family background and education.

I am basically from Amritsar, unfortunately, my father expired during my childhood, I was around 6 years old, due to which I moved to Bathinda at my Aunt’s home and my study continued in Hostel, Ludhiana. Although after my father no one was there in my family to support me for my education. But I didn’t go with the flow, hence suffered a lot, even that I used to wear borrowed clothes from my friends and this is how I completed my education by my own till graduation.

That’s really very appreciable task Poonam, our audiences would also like to know about your entry into this glamour world.

I’ve never thought ever in my senses that how I would be working in this field as after my schooling I did Nursing and I have been OT assistant for around 2-3 years. But I was crazy about Punjabi Folk Dance “Bhangra” and I used to teach school students the same as a part-time job. Once in an annual function of a school a group of children around 2-3 years performed Bhangra choreographed by me and thankfully the performed very well and there was a director named Mandeep Jagraon, who was the chief guest.

He was very impressed with my worked and offered me to teach Bhangra to a girl for a shot video along with some extra bugs. I was very excited, actually more about the money as per my conditions. But the tragedy happened there was that, the girl was not able to dance on the moves and Mandeep found me good on the screen hence asked me to be there and perform. This is how for the very first time I got opportunities.


This shoot was for Miss Pooja’s video song “Hun College Kyon Auno Hat Gyi”.poonam sood hot wallpapers

Wow, this is amazing how you became a model from a teaching job. Now tell us that who was the person that felt most happy watching you on television for the first time.

The person was none other than my mother. Although this thing increased my self-confidence a lot because she felt that her daughter has done that work, which no one in the whole family could ever think of and no one has been in this field.

As you mostly work with singers, so, who is your favourite among all?

Yea if you talk about Punjabi singers, I like Kaler Kanth songs as he sings sad songs which I like the most.

Now we would like to know about your best friend.

This place is taken by my sister only Sonamdeep Sona who have stood by me always and have motivated me to do more in my life and others are my brothers in the family who kept supporting me during me good and bad times.

we would like to know about your favourite actor.

As per me, I don’t follow many actors but have some very good actresses in my list, and it goes like this, Shabana Aazmi ji, Asmita Patil, Nandita Das and in Punjabi industry I follow Surinder Kaur ji and Jagmohan Kaur ji. As most of the time I listened to them and when someone asks me to sing, I always sing her singings.

So it’s time for a quick-fire round.


What is your favourite food?

Mostly Indian food only and that also Punjabi our very famous Makki Di Roti te Saron Da Saag with butter. Although I am not very choosy about the food, whatever I get on the sets, I have no problem with the food and this is what I’ve learned in my life, you should be thankful to god where ever you are and whatever you are getting is best of him to you.

That is what makes one a better human being before anything else and we are very pleased to know that our viewers will also get something from this at last what is the message you want to convey to them?

i just want to say that most of the times on our social media we post our pictures and I observed that there are comments that motivate more for our work and appreciate it which makes us feel bless but when we see people carrying “Singh” in their names which is the symbol of protection, but I have seen their so rubbish comments on the pictures and posts which makes me feel sad about girls and that we are living in this kind of Punjab.

Everyone should respect a female, girl as she is the one who is going to produce Kings and she is the one who plays a vital role in the journey called “life” which can never be even imagined without her.

“That was really true and honest message from you, Poonam Sood, along with this we punjabdreamz.com feel the same. Thank you so much for being with us, we wish you all the very best for your future projects.”

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