Sukhdeep Sukh- Pollywood Actor With Amazing Acting Talent

SUKHDEEP SUKH is a Punjabi Actor and Model. He is a Theatre artist With Amazing Acting Talent. Now the Sukhdeep Sukh is coming up with his new film, to be released on 25th of August 2017, named as “Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robinhood”.


Sukhdeep Sukh was born on 14 November in Burj Sidhwan near Malout, District Sri Muktsar Sahib of Punjab. He also has a high-level Marketing Knowledge as he Passed the MBA in marketing from the Punjab Technical University. He came in the touch with Sangeeta Gupta and starts doing theatre. Sukhdeep Sukh worked for 10 years in the field of the modeling before he gets cast in his first Punjabi Movie “Kaum De Heere”. He says that he got a call from the Raj Kakra who told him that they are making a film on the 1984 Incident. Then after, he researched about the character, he has to play in the film. The best part about his acting is that he first researches each and every thing related to the character in real.

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Sukhdeep Sukh

In his Debut Movie, Sukhdeep Sukh was cast among the stars such as Raj Kakra, Isha Sharma, and Sardar Sohi. But he got everyone’s attentions in the film.The character played by the Sukhdeep Sukh was of Satwant Singh. He lived the character and seemed real. In the film, he was the Assitant to the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi along with two more Character. “Kaum De Heere ” get released all over the world but could not get released in Punjab due to some of the Issues. But overall this film liked by viewers and has gifted, the Punjabi Industry a well-talented actor, Sukhdeep.

Sukhdeep Sukh will also see in the new movie in the August 2017. He is playing a lead role in the Movie “Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robinhood which is the second part of the Movie Released in 2015 named as “Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster..?”. In the movie “Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robinhood” he is playing the character of “Mindi” who is the brother of the Rupinder Gandhi. The Character played by the Sukhdeep Sukh in the film, is very important Character of the film.


Sukhdeep Sukh is also the lead actor in two more films, shooting of both the film has been completed and the post production work is in the progress. The movies are

Sukhdeep Sukh says that the among of those two films the SAADE AALE film is very close to his heart. also, the film IK ONKAR will represent some social issues. He says that the films are scheduled to be released in 2017.

Talking about the Punjabi Cinema, he says Punjabi film Industry is expanding in a right way. He says Producers/Directors nowadays focuses on the making the film on the basis of viewers point of view.

In response to the censorship in India, he says that “Viewers Should also have the freedom to choose what they want to see or what they don’t”. He is also starring in an another film which is the sequel to the previously released film Kaum de Heere. The actual name of the movie will be “Pavitar Singh Urf Kaum De Heere 2“. He will be playing the character of the Aman a college going Student.

Stage Play Performed By SukDeep Sukh-
1. Mull Di Tivi
2. Maa
3. Toba
4. Tamash E Hindustan

PunjabDreamz hopes that Sukhdeep Sukh will make another milestone with Rupinder Gandhi 2, and the movie will become the Blockbuster of the Punjabi Cinema.

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