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Tarsem Jassar is a successful Singer, Lyricist. Tarsem Jassar is going to debut as an actor through Punjabi Movie Rabb Da Radio.He is a very good actor. His First Movie Rabb da Radio was a smashing hit. Jassar’s next Movie Sardaar Mohammad will be released on 3 November 2017.

Tarsem jassar was born in the jassar village of Ludhiana, Punjab. His current Hometown is Amloh of Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab.Tarsem and kulvir jhinjer are good friends. Both have studied together in school and college.

Tarsem and kulvir jhinjer both have graduated from Mata Gujri College Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab.


After graduation, Tarsem jassar joined post graduation. But before he completes post graduation he got the visa to go England. Tarsem jassar’s Sister lives in England. His Sister supported him during his stay in England.

Tarsem jassar was feeling alone and depressed in abroad. Tarsem had to work as a labor in England. His first earning was 30 pounds.He also worked as a grass planting labor.

To overcome his loneliness and depression Tarsem jassar penned down song “college Di Yaad”. At that time kulbir jhinger did not know about the writing skills of Tarsem jassar. College di yaad song was sung by kulbir jhinger. Tarsem Jassar returned India after spending a year in England.

 Attwadi was the debut song of Tarsem jassar as a singer. Punjabi Youth follows Tarsem jassar. Youth have started wearing turban after listening Patiala sahi pagg song written by Tarsem jassar.His song was appreciated all around the world.

He owns a musical company named vehli janta records. Kulbir jhinger and Trasem jassar are partners in vehli janta Records Company. Tarsem says he and his friends always want to live together so this is the reason to start vehli janta records company.

Tarsem Jassar’s Movies List

Rabb Da Radio is debut of Trasem Jassar. The Movie has performed exceptionally good at box office.film was released on 31 March 2017.


List of Famous Punjabi Songs by Tarsem Jassar

  • Sardara (Rabb Da Radio)
  • Jassar Da Swag
  • Sarbansdani
  • Student Visa
  • Kirpana
  • Galwakdi
  • Aunda Sardar
  • Illuminati
  • Kundi Muchh
  • Asool
  • Udaari
  • Sardarni
  • Attwadi

Tarsem jassar never thought that he will become a singer or a lyricist. Tarsem Jassar cannot write neater, his handwriting is really bad.He is still learning music from R Guru very famous Punjabi music director. R Guru is the music composer of college di yaad and Patiala sahi pagg songs.

He has a habit of writing a diary. He writes everything happening good or bad in his life, in the diary. In his starting phase, he uses to write few lines and as time passed he sharpened his skills. Slowly he got perfection in writing songs.

Tarsem says that he wants to fulfill his dreams through singing. He does not want to release much more song. He will sing only limited songs. He believes that every next song should be better than the previously released song. He chooses his words very carefully.

Tarsem jassar never writes his songs in a notebook. He writes his songs on his mobile phone if he is away from home. His handwriting is not good.

Is Tarsem Jassar Married?

Tarsem Jassar is married. He have kids. Tarsem jassar is an emotional person but also a short-tempered.

Tarsem jassar’ s father is a Retired Government employee and a farmer too. His father loves organic farming. Tarsem says his father has always supported him. Tarsem Jassar has two sisters. Both of the sisters are very talented. One of his sisters is a poetess and other is a painter.

Tarsem jassar’s Favourite Things? What Tarsem Jassar Likes?

Tarsem jassar’s favorite singer is Gurdas Mann.He also likes Pakistani Sufi singers. Tarsem loves book reading .He reads lots of books. His favourite writer is surjit patar and paash.

Tarsem jassar wiki, Biography, Biodata : –

  • Name : Tarsem jassar
  • Date of Birth: 4 July 1984
  • Profession: Lyricist, Singer, Actor
  • Home Town: Amloh
  • Height: 6 Feet
  • Age: 31
  • Contact: 9780207006

Tarsem Jassar’s Social Media Accounts: 

Tarsem Jassar wiki |Biography| Personal Details| Singer|Lyricist| Age| Home|

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