Bailaras Punjabi Movie (Cast, Song, Story & Review) Binnu Dhillon’s Home Production

Bailaras Punjabi Movie is the first home production of Binnu Dhillon.
“It’s the time for change”. Nowadays Punjabi film industry has really taken this statement very seriously and in the results, we have upcoming tale “Bailaras” releasing worldwide on 6th October this year.


Bailaras Punjabi Movie Story

The movie is based story of a village “Paggan Majra” and a game of tug war between tractors played in the village. Belonging to a middle-class family Jaggi (Binnu Dhillon) loves his tractor, and has named it as “Bailaras”( the title of the film) so, is very confident about winning the war against Dev Kharoud. Although Dev wants to buy Jaggi’s tractor but he comes to know that Jaggi will never be ready for selling his tractor. In next scene, the trailer changes the mood by showing the entry of very beautiful lady Prachi Tehlan (as the lead actress) who belongs to Shimla, was present in the village for a shoot of her film and met Jaggi at the famous game of tug war.  Meeting her, Binnu Dhillon falls in love with her. After this, he starts discussing about his marriage with his family but fails to impress them with his choice and flies to Shilma for her, by selling his tractor to Dev for the money, on the other side the girl rejects him too as she is from very rich family. Also, she was never serious about him and never thought about any kind of future with him. So, going through this phase, Jaggi somehow sells his tractor and when his senses are back, he fights for his tractor that is now owned by Dev Kharoud.

No doubt, the film is serious and has a genuine storyline as well. Produced by Binnu Dhillon, Co-producers are, Achal Nath Kaushal, Ashish Saini, and Karan Soni. Written by Jass Garewal and directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary.

Trailer of Bailaras Movie

Trailer of the film is already out and the film is based on the interesting concept that is never seen before in Punjabi cinema, starring the most famous comedy king of Punjab Binnu Dhillon as lead actor and the leading star Dev Kharoud (was recently seen in Rupinder Gandhi 2) is in the role of villain.


Music by very talented, Jatinder Shah. Editing by Rahul Singh. Singers included are Nachattar Gill and Ranjit Bawa. The film is done under the banner of White Hill Music & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Prachi Telhan is the lead actress of the movie. She will act against Binnu Dhillon the main lead actor of Bailaras Punjabi Movie. Prachi Telhan is also lead actress of Punjabi Movie Arjan.Other actors of the Bailaras Punjabi movie are Karamjeet Anmol, Isha Rikhi.

Songs of Binnu Dhillon’s Punjabi Movie Bailaras

Acting and Story of the movie Bailaras is good, but the music of Binnu Dhillon’s movie has also got awesome reviews. Bailaras’s music has been composed by Jatinder Shah.

  • Jigra (Full Song) (Singer- Nachhatar Gill, Lyricist: Kharak Singh )

Cast and Crew of Bailaras Punjabi Movie

Starcast – Binnu Dhillon, Prachi Telhan, Isha Rikhi, Karamjit Anmol, Dev Khround
Director – Ksshitij Chaudhary
DOP – Jay Vincent
Production House – Naughty Men Productions

Bailaras Punjabi Film Review

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