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Ravinder Grewal’s Dangar Doctor Punjabi Movie.
Punjabi film cinema is very popular about its comedy tails that are always been appreciated by audience and critics, most of the movies include family drama or the relation between friends for a normal comedy tail, just not in Pollywood, in Bollywood also the concept remains similar and the difference comes by storyline and the screenplay including dialogue delivery. But this time the experience will never be same again, as the base concept of this film is that different, that one who loves comedy tails will defiantly go for it as soon as it will be releasing on 20th of October this year.


Story and Trailer of Ravinder Grewal’s Dangar Doctor 

Ravinder Grewal, very talent Punjabi singer is starring in the upcoming comedy film “Dangar Doctor” that is going to release after the mid of next month. The film is based on the story of a doctor who treats animals and looks after their well fair. Also, he is shown very expert for the humans too and he does solutions that are very creative and idealistic for one. Anyways, he is a dangerous man, to deal with.

Coming to the poster of the film, we have very suitable poster for the film and there are more animals in the poster that humans and Ravinder Grewal is holding an injection in the poster standing along with the animals all around, most of the pet animals that are served by the people are erringly waiting for the doctor to come and deal with their problems, also the Dangar Doctor is ready for every challenge that comes his way to deal with.

Songs of Dangar Doctor Punjabi Movie

  • Dangar Doctor Movie Title Song Singer (Singer- Ravinder Grewal, Ishita Sethi Lyricist- Abhinav Lahoriya)

One song of the film is also released that is strictly written and filmed on the theme of the film and is named just as the name of the movie and it is quite conceptual, funny and different in the field of concept. The film is just not shot on the doctor and his patients but also on the so-called girlfriend of a doctor, Sara Gurpal looks too beautiful in the film and is starring opposite Ravinder Garewal. The song shows that every animal is talking about its pain that it’s going through to the doctor and the doctor understands the problems and tries to solve it as soon as possible but with his very funny and idiotic style of dealing with the animals is really scary and funny at the same time, also he hates when it comes to the problems that are related to the shit of an animal like goat.


Cast & Crew of Dangar Doctor Punjabi Movie

The film Dangar Doctor is directed by Atharav Baluja and dialogues are written by Jitender Lall. Screenplay includes Sikandar and Chandan Prabhakar along with the director himself. Post-production by Artha Film Studios and sound design by Deep Bajwa. Everything is done under the label of Yellow Music.

We will all the very best to the team of Dangar Doctor Movie And wish all the best for this new and different concept for a comedy til. We hope that people will defiantly love and support this experiment of Atharav Baluja.

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