Harjeeta is the name of the upcoming punjabi movie that is based on real life of captain of Indian Junior Hockey Team which has recently won Junior Hockey League World Cup almost after 15 years which has been made possible by Harjeet Singh Tuli, under whose captaincy the team and India has won the world cup after 15 years.


Harjeet Singh is born in a very poor family which has been going through many bad phases of life as there is no particular source of income, not even a gas connection for making food on proper gas stove, house is as well very ordinary which is being situated at Naholka Village of Punjab in Kurali which is a very small village but now after such a big win of Harjeet Singh the village has really made its different image on the Map of World.

The life of this youngster was never easy for him because of his family condition and challenges that he has gone through his life. Harjeet Singh’s mother told in an interview with a news channel that “We never thought in our dreams that our son will be known in the whole world and will give golden shines to our names by doing such a great job for his country, I always told him to do study and stop playing all the time. During summer also without any vehicle and proper shoes for his sport, he used to go to ground on his foot throughout the year, he always said that I may have no money, no education as well but I will be playing this sport all my life.”

The movie Harjeeta is a regard to this youngster along with a great message for the youngsters in the nation who love success and hard work more than anything else in the world. The leading role of Harjeet Singh in the movie is done by a very well known singer and actor of Punjabi industry, Ammy Virk.


The movie will be releasing next year on 30th of March 2018. The film is being done under the direction of Vijay Kumar Arora and is penned by Jaideep Sidhu. Producers of the film are Nick Behl, Munish Sahni and Bhagwant Virk. Under the banner of Sizzlim Productions in associate with The Villager Studios.

Facts about Harjeeta Punjabi Movie 

Doing a biopic is never easy for a whole cast of any biopic; hence the same was not as easy as it looks for the cast of Harjeeta as well. This was very instant thought of making this kind of biopic on life of Harjeet Singh as the championship trophy is won by him for the nation is the thing of very recently passed year that is 2016.

The movie is written by Jaideep Singh who has to do a brief research on this youngster’s life before penning down all the situations which was not an easy task, moreover the hero of the film, Ammy Virk has to lose around 22 KGs of weight for this movie to look like Harjeet Singh. All this for him was possible after doing hard work on his body for around a year due to which when he went to his home, his mother did not talked to him, watching him so slim and thin which has reduced his face skin but somehow he managed to make her understand the situation.

ammy virk body transformation for harjeeta
ammy virk’s body transformation for harjeeta movie


The most talked movie these days is upcoming Punjabi movie Harjeeta by Ammy Virk. The trailer of this movie is now released and is trending on YouTube. The movie is based on true story of Harjeet Singh who was the captain of Junior Hockey team and has helped India to win world cup for junior hockey team India after a long wait of many years.

The trailer starts with the times when Harjeet Singh was in his childhood and he belongs to a very poor family in his real life as well. This guy was from his childhood only was interested in the game of hockey. While only father was there to earn money while Harjeet had not much interest in studies.


Everyone in the home used to call him just a free fellow who has no work to do other than playing hockey but soon making his game and growing day by day. Along with fighting with daily needs and with the society this film shows that how this free fellow become very important for the Indian hockey team.

The movie shows that how Harjeet’s role played a master stroke in winning of this tournament and how he has reached to this level of playing. While movie shows a little love angle as well. Moreover the film the trailer shows that in starting Harjeet Singh just wanted to play world cup and gain a government job while his coach said that “you just don’t have to play world cup like others, you need to win to be better and different from others”.

The release date of Harjeeta is 18 May 2018.

We really hope that Punjabi cinema will really be reaching the heights very soon just like or may be more higher than Bollywood industry if it will continue this kind of major projects, the movie will be soon in cinemas and we really push every viewer to go and watch this extraordinary and incredible true tail of Harjeet Singh Tuli, that is none other than “Harjeeta”.

Ammy Virk and the whole team of Harjeeta has done so much of effort for this movie and which will be an inspiration for all of us, especially for the youngsters of Punjab. We will good luck to all the team of Harjeeta Punjabi Movie.

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