Millind Gaba Music MG, Welcome Back fame Music Director

Millind Gaba is a famous Punjabi Singer, Rap Artist & Music Director. He was born on 7 December 1990. He is well known for his work in Jazzy Bs Rise Above Hate, Diljit Dosanjh’s RayBan & Drink Like A Fish. His Debut 4 Men Down is also a hit.


Millind’s father Mr. Jeetu Gaba is Again a renowned music director in Punjabi music Industry. So he Spent childhood in playing with Casio/keyboards. He was really inclined towards music since then. After graduation, he felt the only thing that he can do is Music. Since childhood, he had a dream of putting forward my Dads name as a music director, So Since childhood, my aim was to become a music director.

He had been through a lot of struggle and it hasn’t ended yet. Still, he is hustling! There were too many downs in the starting because he needed someone to trust him. Then he  Found Mr. Ashok Mastie who had faith in him and that was Millind’s first album as a music director.

First track composed by Millind Gaba was an underground track Aaja ab to Aaja.He produced it at the age of 18. it was the Story of A Normal Heartbroken Boy. Other hit songs of Millind GABA are Thank You, Take Me Away, Beautiful, Sardar Saab, Suit Punjabi, Gobind Da Sardar, Aise Na Dekh, Kala Tikka, Tutak Tutak Tutiya, Jimmy Choo, Main Tan Vi Pyar Kardan, Bholeynath, Housefull 3, Bewafa, Yaar Mod Do, My Queen, Daaru Party, End Ni, SELFIE, 4MenDown.


His Favorite Track Is Jazzy Pajis Rise Above Hate Because That is something close to his heart.

Good Traits- 1. He is a very positive guy, Very Far From Negativity. Sometimes insecure like other people are and get happy to see his cliques rising. Millind Gaba is a Little bit sensitive but he loves to laugh and make others laugh. But Whenever millind  Got Angry Its Hard To Handle him.

He wants to do a duet track with Sonu Nigam and wishes to perform with Nicki Minaj on a Hindi/Punjabi track in her city /Country.

His future plan is to move and settling in Mumbai. He is doing a couple of good songs for some big films, plus collaborating with many famous artists.

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