Nankana movie is the vaisakhi gift from the heartbeat of the whole Punjab, none other than Gurdas Maan, after being in a lead role of a film in 2014, that is Dil Vil Pyar Vyaar, it will be almost four years that the legend is not seen on the big screens. But this time he is back with much grace to break the chain of wait between him and the big screens again.


The Nankana movie is to be released on 13th of April on the occasion of very famous and loved festival of Punjab, Vaisakhi. For all the fans around the globe of Gurdas Maan this is really great news that he will be in cinemas again after a long break from the Punjabi film industry.

Story of Nankana Movie

The movie Nankana is based on the time zone that this nation can never forget and the coming generations can never be left unknown from the fact that in 1947 there was a partition between the two nations which were never apart from each other, India and Pakistan.

As the title of the movie holds a tagline with it, “Above the religion” and also Nankana is the name of that religious place which was left in the Lehnda Punjab in Pakistan and keeps a really great historical religious background with it associated with the Sikh religion.


Hence it is very clear that the film will be lightening up the things again in a very better way along with showing the truth to all the young generation moreover will be creating the atmosphere of emptiness that is always occurring around all of us when it comes to Nankana Sahib.nankana movie punjabi gurdas maan

The story is about a family who is being part of all this happenings during the partition of 1947 which will also be lightening up the difficulties that the family has to go through, the seriousness of this topic would also force every mind to think of this pain that almost every Indian and Pakistani has to go during the times but the pain will be synced not to the religious motives but to the levels of humanity that is above all the religions.

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All the difficulties that each human whether Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christen has faced in the partition, everyone helped each other with open hearts and pure minds which were all above the religions that will correspondingly cover the religious values that are running in today’s time and are not pure and open hearted that they were used to be.

Cast and Crew of Nankana Punjabi Movie

The actress that took everyone’s heart during the time of a Pollywood comedy film Vekh Baratan Challian staring Binnu Dhillon and Kavita Kaushal. Now again, Kavita Kaushal is back in the industry and sharing the screen with the legend Gurdas Maan also just like us, Kavita Kaushal herself is very happy for this chance that she has got to work with such great artists.

Moreover, the director of the movie is also very interesting part of the gossip. Wife of Gurdas Maan, Manjeet Maan will be directing the movie. Although, shooting of the film has been started and everyone is really working hard for the film.

Both the stars of Punjabi Music Industry, Jatinter Shah and Gurdas Maan has joined hands for this film as Jatinder Shah is the co-producer of the film along with this the main producer of Nankana is Pooja Gujral.


Release Date of Nankana Movie

The Nankana Movie will be released on 13th of April 2018 under the banner of Shah An Shah Pictures. Music is done by Jatinder Shah.

This coming Vaisakhi will be very joyful with this gift from all the legends like Jatinder Shah, Gurdas Maan and Manjeet Maan not only to the common man but also to the whole nation for bringing up so valuable topic with a message that is most needed for today’s time along with this the film will also be one of the proud for Punjabi Cinema.

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