Shabby Singh is Punjabi and Bollywood video director who has raised his name through many of him directed videos and has gained attention of many through the concepts that he work on, along with this he has worked with many famous personalities of both the industries like Mika Singh, Urvashi, Guru Randhawa, Millind Gaba and many more.


Shabby Singh was born in Delhi although his whole family is basically a Punjabi Family with a background related to Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Schooling of Shabby Singh is from Delhi only and after this he joined Maya academy to learn 3D VFX in Chandigarh.

When Shabby Singh started his career as a director after taking some sort of time when he came to know and realize about his talent and interest in the field. A friend of him named as Guri used to rap during his academic days, he was the one who asked him for making a video of him along with doing some of the editing job as well. Shabby Singh did the same, in result of which he realize that he can really do well in the field on a large scale as well.

During the starting days everything in any career is not just a piece of cake for anyone, similarly it was not the same for shabby as well, it was a long run to go for finalization of things. Slowly the things were getting into place while Shabby was doing work on many underground videos even for very less amount of money. Just when he felt ready for the industry, that time he did his very first and official video.


First official video of Shabby Singh was named as Punjabi song “Haal” which was sung by Ghai. The video was shot in 5D which was very big project and during the times main problem for Shabby was that he was not able to learn about lightening part of a video which lead to less knowledge about the things that really matter. Hence, he was already always ready to learn for this, in result of which Shabby Singh assisted Vinnil Markan for a period of time.

Family was always in the support of this talented director, although his mother wanted him to continue his career as a business man just like his father and pursue his father’s business because there is no person in their family background in this field, but here his father became more supportive and encouraged him to look after his personal preferences. Which lead to a great result and Shabby soon shined in the industry, after which, his mother is also happy with his job and career. Although Shabby Singh often says that if he was not a video director he would be the owner of an electronic show room.

One of his major projects includes, “Yaar Mord Do” video song, which has crossed over 53 Million views on YouTube. Moreover this is major and one of his favourite projects as he is more emotionally connected with this video rather than more professionally. There are two very famous Punjabi singers in the song, Guru Randhawa and Millind Gaba, who is also his cousin brother. Both Shabby and Millind was on a trip at Goa, where Milliand presented the song to Shabby Singh and wanted him to do a video on the song.

After coming back to Chandigarh they included Guru Randhawa’s voice in the song when they finalized the project. The shoot was done on 6 locations in the tricity and completed in 52 hours. The video came out to be really well along with this it was loved by audience as well.

When in an interview, Shabby Singh was asked about the things which he keep in mind while making a video, he told that very firstly he asks the song writer and the singer about their thoughts and feelings for the song along with this he takes advices from them as well for the same that what kind of video do they want or imagine for the song. Which is always a mutual decision and this is what has made his videos this much successful and famous as all the mainstream team members are happy to do all the things which are going just as in their accordance.

After this, it was time for him to shine higher, soon Millind Gaba and Sunil Sethi took him to meet Mika Singh at his Gurgaon House, when Mika Singh told Shabby Singh that there are some songs in an album that he wants to release and Laal Dupatta was one of them which was finalized for the video to be done. It was great honour for Shabby to work with Mika Singh and Urvashi, the video song was finalized to be shot at Lacknow on three different locations which were Rumi Gate, Ambedkar Park and Ammity University. Working with such senior artists was like a dream come true for him and Mika Singh treated him just like his younger brother where as Urvashi was also very humble at this.


Moreover, there are some dream artists with whom Shabby Singh wants to work, in India, it is Babbu Mann and international artist is Adele.

Toughest part in making a video for him is that visualising a very good concept but with a very low budget in hand, he has faced this difficult many times during his career and especially during his starting days when budget was really low for the video songs but his visualization and creativity very expensive. But as his career reached the heights, he was able to show his skills as he has good budget in the hands.

Shabby Singh’s inspiration is Chirstopher Nolan and favourite in Bollywood is Shahid Kapoor where as in Hollywood industry is, Doodlebuy. His latest projects include songs like Galla Mukk Janiya by Kadir Thind, Tera Hassa song by Harshit Tomar and Boy Friend Replace by Girik Aman.

Soon we will be having some of the Bollywood projects as well from his side which will be a little surprise for his fans. Till then good luck to him for all the projects that are running and are about to start next year.

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