Nowadays #MeToo movement against all the people who have embarrassed girls joining or working in the industry is on its peak on social media channels. This can be clearly seen and observed when a girl GeetikaTyagi posted on social media and said that director Subhash Kapoor has molested her in 2014.


Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao decided to step away from producing Subhash Kapoor’s upcoming Bollywood movie project Mogul based on the biopic of Gulshan Kumar, who is the founder of T-series music company and Bollywood movies producer as well.

Aamir Khan seemed to be very excited for the film but when this thing came out he decided to step away from the making of this movie.

Aamir Khan posted on his Twitter handle that he do not want to be in associate with any of person who is carrying an unacceptable character and added that he aims to make Bollywood and every industry safe for women and girls joining the industry.


Although Khan has not named the person in the tweet but the thing is very clear. On the other end Subhash Kapoor, the director has said that he respects Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s decision and he will just try to clear himself out for all the allegiances against him in the court.

Not only this but everyone in the team of T-series have decided not to work with the director as Bhushan Kumar (Current owner of T-series) said that he believes that all should be treated equally in the industry and they are trying their best to make industry a safer and equal place for all. Especially of the females, this industry has always been a bad example.

But now the war has begun and we hope that soon the industry will be on track and #MeToo movement will for sure bring a great change and challenge for the people with sick mindsets in the industry.

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