Channa Mereya Movie Review, Released on 14th July 2017

Channa Mereya Movie Review, Released on 14th July 2017.Channa Mereya Movie was one of the most awaited movies of 2017 


Based on the story line of Marathi movie “Sairat” which was released on 29“Sairat” which was released on 29th April 2016 and came out to be a block buster. It was the first Marathi movie to cross Rs. 50 crore mark, also became first Marathi film to collect overall Rs. 100 crore. The director of the film was Nagraj Manjule.

So, “Channa Mereya” is a remake, But the story doesn’t end here because the star cast of this pollywood movie will defiantly amaze you as the star cast of the movie is like never before. Starring is done by famous Punjabi Singers Ninja (As leading Hero) and “Amrit Maan”(As Villain), where as both are well-known personalities of Punjabi music industry and this is their very first Movie.  Payal Rajput is doing the role of heroine in the film.

The movie is Produced by Gunbir Singh Sandhu, Manmord Sidhu and Zee Studios, producers of super hit Punjabi films like “Jatt & Juliet 1&2”, “Punjab 1984” and “Sardar Ji 1&2”.


Director of the film is done by a very famous personality of Punjabi Film Industry, Pankaj Batra, who has more than 10 years of experience in Indian cinema and is in working in Punjabi film industry from 2005 and is called as the hit machine of Punjabi Cinema. His previous films like “Bambukat”, “Goreya Nu Dafa Karo” and “Channo Kamli Yaar Di” were a great success in the film industry.

Summary of the movie is that Jagat Singh (Ninja), son of a poor farmer but a great cricketer called as Sachin Tendulkar of the village and Kayanat Dhillon (Payal Rajput), daughter of MLA, in love with adventures like riding a Royal Enfield Bullet and Tractor. Both fell in love with each other during their college days. One day MLA invites the whole village at his place for a party on his son Balli (Amrit Maan)’s birthday where Jagat and Kayanat try to come closer and this is noticed by Kayanat’s Family. After which MLA warns the family of Jagat to send Jagat out of the village before 24 hours and fixes Kayanat’s marriage in a royal family.

Going against this Kayanat finds a way to escape from village with Jagat taking all the jewellery and money from her house but unfortunately fails to do so and is caught by the family, Jagat and his friends are surrendered to the police, and MLA asks them to kill Jagat, watching all this Kayanat holds a police gun and ask them to let Jagat and his friends go otherwise she would kill herself, and this is how Kayanat and Jagat escape to Shimla with no money in hand. When they try to spend their 1st night outside with no shelter because they don’t have an ID proof to stay in the hotel, there comes a group of guys who try to rape Kayanat, but then a man comes and saves them.

He took both of them to his home and provides Jagat a job on his Omelet stall and Kayanat starts working in a hotel as a receptionist. After 5 years they own a house and have a kid of about 3 years.

One day Kayanat calls her home to talk to her mother and tell them about their child, in a hope that everything will go fine after 5 years, thereafter Balli comes to their place with some men and gifts from the house. Where as Kayanat servers everyone a cup of coffee and goes in the room with Jagat to show him the gifts from her home.

Now, The door is open and the baby enters and discovers that his parents have been hacked to death. Visibly troubled and unable to comprehend the gruesome nature of the honor killing, he walks off and the movie ends.


Acting of all the new comers, Ninja and Amrit Maan seems too good in the film and it doesn’t feel like they are new comers, both artists are fitting best in their respective roles. The movie seems so realistic and shows us, this bad image of our society and their poor thoughts towards this pure relation and religion called love.

The direction of the film is as awesome as the director Pankaj Batra, there never comes a single part in the movie where one can get bored or the movie gets slow. Although this remake of Nagraj Manjule’s story feels better than the previous Marathi film “Sairat”. Punjabi cinema is going closer to every heart day by day, by making these kinds of movies and presenting them in such a masterful way.

So Channa Mereya Movie Review: This mixture of love, romance, and a sad but true ending is a totally different concept in the Punjabi cinema and this movie will surely leave its mark on every heart that beats for love.

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