The Black Prince Movie Review, life story of Maharaja Duleep Singh

Here is The Black Prince Movie Review:

The story line of the movie starts with the scene of taking Maharaja at age of 5 from his mother and then Maharaja itself in England with Queen Victoria and standing in a pose for his painting that is still there in England. He is welcomed in a party by Dr. Jhon Logan and Queen (Lady Logan) for showing him a number of beautiful girls and he can choose any of them for his life. But the prince (Satinder Sartaaj) is revolving around his own imaginations and thoughts of being separated from his mother and finding his true nature and himself. Watching and noticing all this, queen asks him about his behaviour and what’s wrong with him then he tells that he feels that he is not free to speak and express his thoughts, but still he is been treated too well that’s why he calls himself as “royal servant” and tells that he want to meet his mother, Maharani Jind (Shabana Aazmi). After meeting his mother in British India, nearly about 14 years, Maharani tells him that how they have changed him and what was his real personality, then asks him about England and his life there, he tells that everyone treats him well and queen like his eyes, whether always remains cold, she calls him as “The Black Prince” listening to this Maharani says you were born to be a Maharaja, not a prince and asks him to write his own destiny as a Maharaja and not to follow her mother who has failed to get back their kingdom. There comes some Sikhs who wanted to meet Maharaja and ask about their kingdom, but he fails to meet them as he promised Britishers that he is there only to meet his mother. Then he takes her to Queen Victoria after which in England Maharani gives him his father’s Kirpaan and Maharaja is confused between both Maharani and the queen because Dr. Logan tells him that it was his mother who left him and she is in mental disorder that’s why they took him from her and providing him a better life. In between Maharaja fights with the mother and tells her that she left him although he was just a 5-year-old child, not a Maharaja. But soon he realizes that his mother is saying the truth when she was counting her last breaths and takes a promise from him to follow all the Sikhism rules after her death so that she can rest in peace, also asks him for a promise that he will fight for his kingdom and will become the real Maharaja. After the mother’s death suddenly Dr. Logan passes away and asks him to follow Christianity throughout his life.


Soon after this Maharaja after completing all the necessary rules after the death of his mother in Bombay on 16.02.1864, and asks her soul for a sorry because he has failed to take her to Punjab and do all obey all the rules properly. On 7th of June 1864 Maharaja gets married and after a few days when passing a road he meets a bagger (Kavi Raz) who says “how can I beg from a bagger, I know who you are and what are you doing here”.

Listening to this Maharaja starts his life long journey and after 13 years he finds that everything told by the mother was true and he finds some evidence related to his life, then he becomes a Sikh although he sends letter to many powerful persons like prime minister and others to give his father Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s kingdom back to him, but no one listens. Although he is provided corruption of 50000 Dollars, Maharaja refuses and says that’s it’s not about money but about his internal peace. He tries to go in India but fails and he went to Paris. He met and joins many countries and people who are against British kingdom, after placing every possible move his fate and commitment took him nowhere as this was too late to do all the effort, with all these incomplete dreams, Maharaja dies in a hotel in Paris on 22 October 1893.

The direction of the movie is good but movie becomes slow in between and a bit confusing in the second half. About the acting Shabana Aazami (As Maharani Jind Kaur) is too good as always and Satinder Sartaaj (As Maharaja), first debut in the movie seems calm and his work is appreciable.


This tale of Maharaja will win all Punjabi Hearts and everyone should go and watch this inspiring biopic of the great Maharaja.

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