Yes, you read it right, Bhalwan Singh has been a part of every Punjabi’s talk since it has released its trailer and songs day by day kept attracting the audience more towards the film. It has defiantly won many hearts with its music, storyline, concept, direction, acting and all other factors that could be used to make a film.

The direction of the film is very good and Param Shiv has really made a great start as a director from this movie, choosing the locations and destination scenes are being so right for the environment of the whole concept of the film. And the heaviest thing that could be seen is the whole concept of the film which keeps one attached his eyes on the screen. The direction of the film can’t let someone down at all this is one of the major things that could be experienced while watching the film.

The music of the film was already a great hit after all. Every wedding and every lover is dedication Bhalwan Singh’s songs to their loved one, which has made all the difference. Now the movie is released, hence it is good news for the music lovers that it contains some more beautiful songs that are not released earlier.

Acting by Ranjit Bawa, Karamjit Anmol and Navpreet Banga have put up the storyline too suitable for everyone to see. Ranjit Bawa along with Karamjit Anmol has been very interesting part of the story whereas Navepreet Banga is playing Veero who has shown her skills as a worrier and lover too. Navpreet Banga had her first debut movie as Bhalwan Singh which is going to boost her career a lot more moreover Ranjit Bawa will be making a space in every heart as a true hero of the story as well. Manav Vij is playing the role of Jabra in the film who is a bodybuilder and worrier as well, helping the whole village by fighting with the Britishers.

The storyline of the movie is this that Bhalwan Singh is the one who always wanted to do something about his village which is been ruled by the Britishers, who have robbed their money, and now want to make a big jail on everyone’s fertile lands so that they can lock the one who would try to go against them. But never the poor people of village nor the Bhalwan Singh agrees to their thinking. But there were people like Jabra and the group along with Veero. These were the brave people that were doing some of the good things for the village, they mostly robe their money back from the British houses and give it back to the village. Always trying to be part of the group Bhalwan Singh did many practices but always failed to impress Veero and the Jabra Group. For them along with the whole village, Bhalwan Singh was nothing more than an idiot who cannot do anything about the village.

One day he somehow goes with the Jabra but wasn’t allowed to fight, hence he stood on the another side whereas Jabra Group had a bad day in result of which they got arrested but Bhalwan Singh then kidnaps the main chief of Britishers and using his sharp mind he releases all the Jabra team from the jail also he started robbing the money back and in his first robbery he came up with the whole money back. This is how the Bhalwan Singh took over the Britishers and rules the village under him, keeping everyone happy.

The storyline and concept of the movie make you understand that having muscles is not only the thing, you can be successful even if you are having a good brain and god has gifted everyone some of the skills it’s just your perfect time to observe yourself and find them up.

The movie is a must watch and you need to hurry, just go for it, it is just like very inspiring tales and better than many of the Bollywood movies but still desi and lovely.

So it was Bhalwan Singh Movie Review. Go and watch the best punjabi movie of 2017 in the theater nearby you.

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