This has been a very difficult task for a song or a movie to cover up the audience like they need this movie or this song in their life for sure. This is what Bhalwan Singh Film has already done with the audience these days; everyone is waiting for the movie to release and to watch it. The thing is that it includes personality like Ranjit Bawa, who is one of the most loved artists in the Punjab, also is doing debut as a hero in the film. This was not first and the last thing, we Punjabies are very influenced by the entry of new models, artists in the field, none from the audience has ever let newcomers down if they really carry a thing called talent.


This is also one factor of Bhalwan Singh that it is featuring Navpreet Banga as the leading heroine of the movie. Since a newcomer, she is really pretty, with which she has already got the attention of many people by the release of the movie. Especially in Aakad and the recently released, best romantic song sung by Amrinder Gill and Penned by Bir Singh, “Dil Di Dua”.

Watch the Teaser of Bhalwan Singh Film right here

This was about the artists, but we also have sort of comedy in the film which is been observed in the trailer with the lucky charm of Punjabi cinema, Karamjit Anmol. Also, the character of Ranjit Bawa is very interesting that is seen in the film, which has made all the difference, the storyline of the film shows that it is the character is not really “Bhalwan” as the name of the film indicated also it is the name of the character of Ranjit Bawa. But the thing that has made curious to the viewer that how will Bhalwan Singh will really prove himself to the people who always criticise him for being different and trying to be a copy of someone which he can never be?


Making things work according to you leaving everyone behind is the matter to which Bhawan will be working in the movie. Although not just this music of the movie also indicates that Bhalwan will be popular just like Kali of Manak Sahab. Yes, you guess it right it’s about the music and videos of the songs that are already out. This is very important for a film that if it includes music, it should be very suitable according to the situation along with that it should be sung by the one who really can.

Ranjit Bawa has also sung very beautifully, songs like Manak DI Kali and Aakad with artists like Sunidhi Chauhan and Gurmoh. One romantic one is sung by melody king Amrinder Gill “Dil Di Dua”. All the songs are very beautifully penned down by artists including Bir Singh and Harpreet Singh Shahpur. The direction is also done by very experienced “Param Shiv”. Hence the combination of such great personalities with artistic skills Bhalwan Singh film will defiantly be a hit on big screens just like it’s already a hit with its songs and base concept.

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