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Hijrat is an upcoming Hindi Motion Picture announced by IndusWood Production house owned by Gurmeet Brar. Hijrat will be the debut movie of IndusWood films Production.


Director and Producer Gurmeet Brar announced Hijrat Hindi Movie, in a press conference convened at PC Chandigarh. Talking about the story he said its a heartbreaking Story of father and daughter from the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. Hijrat is a lost and found story but there will be no happy ending.

The Poster of the movie is designed by Ishikaa Azad Studio owned by ishikaa azad; she is a photographer based in Amritsar  and is known for her creative work in the field of photography. This is her first movie poster.

Gurmeet Brar said in press conference that Theater artists are more talented, professional and can express natural feelings as compared to models and singers, so he prefers to take theater artists in his films.


Producer, Director and writer  Gurmeet Brar is an award-winner writer, he has written three books on Punjabi poetry, in 2008 he was awarded Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir Award, although Hijrat is the directional debut of Gurmeet Brar, he is a creative person, creativity remains the same irrespective of the field.

Beautiful Punjabi Actress Manni Boparai is the lead actress and Mahabir Bhullar is the lead actor in the role of father, he is a theater artist from the group of Nirmal Rishi. Sohaj Aulak Brar will also play a key role, Daughter of Renowned Writer Lt. S. Ajmer Singh Aulakh, she is a good artist and has worked in various movies, plays. All the other artists are from the theater.

Mani boparai said she is really excited to do this role, she had dreamt about such kind of role, now this will become reality. Her latest Movie Saavi got a positive appreciation from viewers, she does not want to reveal the whole story and appealed to watch the movie.

There will be less dialog and silence is a secret weapon of the film, So it’s a challenge for the artists to perform their roles without dialogues.

Shoot will start  from last week of September on the various  locations  of northern Rajasthan and fazilka in Punjab.

Parminder Singh is the DOP  of the film, who has worked on various short movies. Music is composed by Sanjeev Kapoor, There is a Single song in this film, the song will run some part of the story. The song is sung by Meenu Palta.

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