Punjabi films have always known best for their comedy scripts and comedy timing, there are many examples of these kind in Punjabi cinema where there is nothing more than comedy.


Now the trend seems to be something else, when we look to this upcoming Punjabi film Jugni Yaaran di, this is a romantic comedy drama film which is full of romance, love stories, love triangles and comedy as well.

The star cast of film includes Deep Joshi, Siddhi Ahuja, Rupinder Rupi, Preet Bath,Mohit Bhaskar, Jatin Sharma and Mahima Hora.

Jugni Yaaran Di Trailer


There are two lead heroes and two heroines in the film which is another exciting part of Jugni Yaaran Di. The trailer of film has been released on YouTube a while ago and is loved by audience.

The trailer of Jugni Yaaran Di shows comedy, romance and emotional drama between youngsters and college life of students. The film is complete pack of entertainment is not only made for specific region, it is a family film which seems to be all in one pack.

The film contains many new artists and we will see something all unique in the film. This being the strongest part of the film it is also a part of risk which can affect the box office collection of film, while we know that when one starts to do something different than that everyone is doing. There are risks and possibilities as well.

So, we really hope that this experiment and pack of entertainment named as Jugni Yaaran Di will be loved by people and Punjabi audience.

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