KAVI RAZ : The Real Soul of “The Black Prince”

As a movie becomes a blockbuster, a song lives life more than the life of its singer and similarly, a tree grows and provide fruits throughout its life because of its “roots” that are making it capable of growing, shedding and of all the activities it does. So leaving everything back today we won’t be discussing the body, personality, action, style etc. But the thing that is around all this but still in the back of the screen and beyond our imaginations that how great and how powerful it is or it could be, today we will talk about the “soul”.


A “writer” behind every story, song, news. A “director” behind every dialogue, screen play, expression and a scene. A “producer” behind the whole concept and the backbone of a film, TV, Short Films.

And this Director and Writer of most famous movie today “The Black Prince” is Kavi Raz, who was born in Punjab and brought up in United Kingdom, with a dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood when the scope of actors from South Asia were limited and no one could ever be thought of entering into the industry at that critical time, but Kavi Raz with his efforts and hard work not only entered in the industry but became the first South Asian actor who got signed on regular basis in award winning series “St. Elsewhere” which was aired on MBC and many other countries all around the world in early to mid eighties.

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Kavi Raz

His directional debut film was “The Gold Bracelet” that won many awards including Excellence in Arts Award by Sonoma Punjabi Society in 2007 and for the same from American Punjabi Heritage Society in 2006, was also honoured for writing, producing, directing and acting; “The Gold Bracelet” by Scorec (Capitol Hill based organization) in 2006. And many other awards from Prestigious International Film Festivals.


He also appeared as a lead in the movie “Big River”, which was official selection for Pusan International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival in 2005.

Kavi studied at San Jose State University, United States and also founded KR Films Hollywood in 1978 in Los Angeles, California. And his first film under the banner of KR films Hollywood was a Hindi movie “Do Kinare” in 1983. Also, he did a drama series of 13 parts named “Lehren” (Waves) under the same banner which was telecasted throughout USA and Canada in both English and Hindi in 1985. The TV series was a great success.

His career speaks after all he has done major appearances in over 250 shows and films with many ups and down throughout his journey and is still working as a passionate artist, learner and hard worker in the Hollywood industry, and the latest work done by him is in front of all of us, “The Black Prince”. That’s the tale of the last king of Punjab, who never visited Punjab after he was stolen by the Britishers, also he is the one who is never remembered as he was the just mystery that no one ever thought to unfold, but Kavi Raz did. And unrolled many untouched facts about Maharaja’s difficult journey along with showing his contribution to his people and his efforts that he did even after being apart from his country. Kavi Raz is not only the director of the movie but is the soul of every scene that appeared on the big screen, this film is a proof that even if he is working in Hollywood industry but he has never forgotten the rich history of his culture that isn’t known by many and presented it in such a great way by his work. Although Kavi lives in the United States, his soul, and his thoughts are still Punjabi by heart.

His latest ongoing project includes Punjabi MovieKande”.

Here is the list of some more awards that are achieved by Kavi Raz:

  • The Global Union Award 2007 by Wild Rivers Film Festivals
  • Best Feature Film Award by Mendocin Film Festivals 2006
  • Winner of Audience Choice Award Best Feature Film in Linequest Film Festivals 2006
  • Honored with Special Achievement in International Cinema Award by India-Canada Quest 2006
  • Achievement in Film & Television Award by SFV International Film Festivals.

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