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Brown Girl Navpreet

Navpreet Banga is a fitness trainer by profession, who is really good at acting skills as well. And this is the reason that we will be watching her soon on the big screens in upcoming Pollywood movie, which is awaited by many “Bhalwan Singh”. Ranjit Bawa and Navpreet Banga are the main leads of this movie.


Navpreet Banga is really lucky to get a chance in this big project, doing debut with Ranjit Bawa as an actress, this young lady already holds a good number of people following her on social media; she has around more than 180k followers on her Instagram named as “browngirllifts”. Before starting her acting career she is already a fitness trainer with many followers on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Before making her pollywood debut as an actress she also worked in a song video Sach te Supna by Punjabi singer Amrit Maan.

Browngirl aka Navpreet Banga is basically from Chandigarh, but when she was just 5 years old, she sifted to Canada with her parents. Although everyone in her family is in engineering line but breaking the counterpoise, this young girl had something more interesting and better to do as her opinion. Her parents never forced her to do engineering or some other things. Hence she was independent to do whatever she wanted to do in her career.

navpreet banga
Navpreet Banga Actress of Bhalwan Singh Movie

Navpreet Banga says that she motivates people to love themselves before loving anything else in life, which is what will be making a change in their life. Also, doing exercise to keep oneself healthy and fit is part of loving yourself, according to her theory. Navpreet Banga often goes to schools for promotional lectures on Physical and mental fitness. As in today’s lifestyle, a healthy mindset is becoming more important than physical health, which is the reason why she promotes mental health more.

Coming to her debut in Bhalwan Singh, the producers of the movie wanted a new face for this movie, hence they got to see her on social media and observed in her YouTube videos that she has good command over Punjabi Language, they called her for interview, and this is how she got selected in the movie. Moreover, even if Navpreet left dissociate with Punjab from childhood but still everyone in the family speaks Punjabi and they have conserved the language in other countries as well. This is a great and appreciable thing.

For the future, she says that she is looking for opportunities in Bollywood as well but for now her complete focus is on her current character and role, named as “Veero”. Navpreet Banga in an interview tells that for her this character was perfect as she could relate her personal life experiences with the character. In short, this is not just a character for her, this is how she herself is in her real life. She has never taught of working with the star heroes but her focus is on getting a character that could inspire the audience with its role.

She is impressed with Simi Chahal’s in the industry and everyone who is working great for themselves. Also, she adds that her character will defiantly be loved by audience also will make things seem intangible for the time she will be on screen.

Defiantly Bhalwan Singh will be a boost for her career in acting line. Best wishes to her for her future projects.

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