Ranjit Bawa is being a youth icon of many and has also become the source of inspiration for today’s youth but we felt that just listening to his songs and being good isn’t enough without knowing the background of the one we listen, follow and see almost every day. In every field, every successful person has a lot to tell a lot to share and a lot to teach about his journey. No one gets fame that easily and in the part of singing these days, it’s hard to make in the field, although of you have made than the most important thing is to maintain it for long and that is what takes regular work load, fulfilling the expectations of your followers and providing the song of every taste, although it is totally on the audience that will be deciding the future of your song and also your future too in the field. So now let us know some very interesting, inspiring and sort of historical facts about the folk king, Ranjit Bawa.


Ranjit Bawa became popular in Punjabi music industry in 2013 with his folk song named “Jatt Di Akal” and was born on 14th of March 1989 in Wadala Granthian Village near Gurdaspur. Being with the music in childhood, Bawa performed on stage at the age of 12 when he was in 6th standard and completed his graduation from Guru Nanak College, Batala along with PG from Khalsa College, Amritsar, during this time period of study, Ranjit participated in many competitions and for the six years in series won 1st price for his singing.ranjit bawa

The full name of Ranjit Bawa is Ranjit Singh Bajwa, and he tells that during his studies he used to sing a Pakistani folk song on stages named “Bol Mitti Deya Baweya” and that’s what made him Ranjit “Bawa”. He is trained by Master Mangal Singh Ji who was never a singer nor a music teacher but was a trainer of his, in an interview Ranjit tells about him that Master Ji used to like his voice and he keeps encouraging him for singing and he used to collect the name of music events from newspapers and pen them down, then he would give Ranjit a note of Rs.100 and send him to the event. And when Ranjit come back from the show he would ask him to sing again so that he could judge him that how good or bad he has done in the event, and after listening to him he would always scold him telling him that the performance was not up to mark and he needs to work more to be a singer. But at his back, the Master would always praise Ranjit, to every person he meets. And along with the master Ranjit tells that his mother has also sacrificed much for his success, she would walk up with him early in the morning and never slept even if the time is of 2 am in the morning thinking that if I slept then he will also stop his efforts.

Unfortunately in October 2012 Master left the world and Ranjit became popular in July 2013. So Ranjit says that this is the biggest guilt that the person who has made me a true singer could never see his success and was always there during his Struggle days.


So, this is the story behind the star. Now let’s see towards the awards that Ranjit Bawa has earned till yet:

  1. PTC Best Folk Oriented Song Award in 2013 for “Jatt Di Akal”.
  2. Best World Album Award in 2015 Brit Asia Awards for album “Mitti Da Bawa”

Now coming to the most famous hits by him, the list is long but yes most remember able works by him are, Jatta Di Akal, Yari Chandigarh Waliye, Lahore, Dollar vs Roti, Jean, Sarwan Putt, Chand Babu Rajab Ali, Mitti Da Bawa, Botti Botti, Munda Sardara’n da, Sher Marna, Meriye Sardarniye, Skoda, Bad Company and others.

Other than singing Bawa has also done some films and his work is loved by his fans and he has done outstanding role in the films like, Sarvann, Vekh Barata’n Challiya’n, Love Punjab, Faraar and one more upcoming movie from him is named as “Toofan Singh”, and Ranjit is playing as a lead in the film, the movie is a semi-biographical film about 1980’s Punjabi activist “Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan”.

So, we wish him all the best for his future and further projects.

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