Param Shiv is director of upcoming Ranjit Bawa’s movie, Bhalwan Singh and this one his very first movie as a director. Param Shiv did an exclusive talk with PunjabDreamz and here are some lesser known facts that he revealed about his background, the career along with the base concept of the movie Bhalwan Singh.


First, we would like  to know about your education and family, and how did you get to come in the field?

I was born and brought up in Jalandhar, completed schooling and graduation from hometown only in Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar. My father, Dr. Harjit Singh is a renowned director and have worked in Doordarshan for many years; his very first movie was Visakhi. The very recent movie by my father was Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe, a biopic of Bhai Pooran Singh, which was also written by my mother Dr. Tejinder Kaur.

param shiv family
Director Param Shiv With His Father Dr. Harjit Singh and Mother Dr. Tejinder Kaur

From childhood, I used to help my father in the work of direction, hence time by time I started learning work from him as I started liking the work and made it my hobby for the same, which later turned it to a profession. I have 3 siblings, two elder sisters and one younger brother. Although the whole family is into the Art Profession, as one of my elder sister is married to Anurag Singh, who was director of Punjab 1984. She used to work in TV serials and films as an actor. Another sister is married in America and runs an Indian Classical Kathak Dance Studio. My younger brother, Zorawar Singh is been supervising me in the upcoming tale Bhalwan Singh, along with that Zorawar is into acting and Singing, hence he has already sung some songs in films, now is working on his private album which will soon be there in the market.


We have also seen some of the animated films you did in starting and got awarded for the same, how did that happen? As animation movies are not an easy task to do.

Belonging to such professional family, I was provided every instrument that was required for making of a video of any type, graduation degree was just a tag that joined me but I was already directed by my father, who is a great fan of animated movies, and this is how I started my career with animation films for which I have also been awarded.

Tell us about your journey from an animation movie maker to a Director. Also as you have worked with Bollywood industry as well, so we would like to know your experience in Mumbai.

After the completion of graduation from Apeejay College of Arts, I moved to Mumbai, luckily my resume was handed to Yash Raj Films by one of my friends, and as a professional I was selected to work with one of the major production house of Bollywood industry just within one and a half months of my shifting to Mumbai. I worked as an assistant director in Bollywood movie Mere Brother Ki Dulhan by Yash Raj Films in 2011. During this, I got a call from Anurag Singh for assisting him in his next movie Jatt & Juliet. For which I went to Canada for the shoot of film, after the making of Jatt & Juliet, I went back to Mumbai to Yash Raj Studios to work in the ongoing King Khan’s film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, but direction team was already locked.I was haired for a really great work, that was to capture the making of Jab Tak Hai Jaan, so in the end of the movie the whole making and editing is done by me.

It has been 8 years that I am staying in Mumbai, also I gained a lot of experience from every work that I did in the previous time, as a cameraman of filmmaking during Jab Tak Hai Jaan, as an assistant director during, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, many other works in movies like Gunday, Super Singh, Jatt & Juliet and many more.

This is how one grows Param Shiv, and belonging to a family full of talents puts more stress on your shoulders for doing a good job, hence you are doing one. We would like to know about your personal interest out of live action and animation movie, which one you prefer more?


I choose to go with animation movies, but it’s not as simple concept as it sounds, I don’t go with the flow of animation films in Indian cinema like 3D or 2D animations, I am talking about stop-motion animation films, which takes a lot of guts, courage, hard work and dedication to make along with an average of 3 years for making of one film. This is one of my dream projects that I want to bring to big screens of Indian cinema. Both of us father and son, are ambitious about doing great experiments within the field that is what makes one grow.

For sure, you will defiantly make your dream come true, as of latest experiment you are doing, Bhalwan Singh. We would like to know more about it.

In today’s competitive world, the young generation is very confused about their goals, they try to be like someone else but fail to understand that they can’t be like one and one can’t be like them. Hence, the concept of Bhalwan Singh is that the main character of the film “Bhalwan Singh” (Ranjit Bawa) starts comparing himself with others and tries to do the things like others, leaving his own senses behind but every time he fails to be like them. At the end he understood that only being a bodybuilder with good muscle power is not the solution of his success, he can never be like someone and someone can never be like him. Hence he finds his potential and came on the right track.

This movie is more of a message than a concept and comedy that is strongly needed for youngsters of today who are being influenced by the bad company, viral negative content on the internet along with some of the Punjabi songs that are spreading a bad image of Punjab all over. Hence to overcome this problem, Watch Bhalwan Singh (Ranjit Bawa) on big screens 27th of October onwards.

This is really a premium and pure thinking that is going to motivate today’s generation. At last, we would like to know that what the difference between Bollywood and Pollywood audience is. According to you, as you are the one who has been, part of both the industries.

I think that we can do more experiments in Bollywood cinema, and the change in the movie topics, movie types is been accepted by the Bollywood audience as the people are more mature we can say but Pollywood cinema is the one from which if a movie becomes hit, people will demand of the similar concept based movies. This is where the cinema goes wrong, however, we have the power to change the mindset of one just according to us, this is where Pollywood needs to grow.

Thanks a lot, Param Shiv for talking to, we will defiantly spread your message to the audience and Bhalwan Singh will for sure, will be hit on big screens as you have done a great job from every aspect in the film.

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