10 Pollywood Actresses Whose Fitness and Diet Secrets You Should Learn

In today’ tense and busy life, being fit & healthy is truly considered a blessing. Let us take a look at some of our top pollywood actresses & know how they manage to remain in perfect shape.


These Punjabi actresses have tough work hours yet manage time for their gym following a healthy diet plan morning to night.They have lost weight and It’s not just about weight loss but overall fitness and health. And all this hard work have gained them titles like hot and sexy!

Here are Pollywood Actresses Whose Fitness and Diet Secrets You Should Learn.

 Sonam Bajwa


Well known for movies like Sardar Ji both the parts, Nikka Zaildar 1 & 2 also for many more Pollywood movies with various artists like Ammy Virk, Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Garewal. Along with her acting she takes well care of her body shape. For this she has tightened up her schedule accordingly with proper diet and gym training.

She has 2 breakfasts, 2 lunchs and 2 dinners accordingly like in morning she wakes up at 6.30 especially for her diet plan after this at 10 she takes some smoothly D-tox meal with some oats and fresh fruits. She says that her trainer would not allow her to have mangoes but during working out she has some just because of the undying love for them.

During the times of Sardar Ji 2 she used to be in gym over night times and at the shooting location for around 15 hours a day which lead to almost no time for her sleep. This is the passion that has taken her up in her career. Special schedule for her strength is mainly the weight lifting exercises that keep her strong and fit.

Every 10 days later she changes her lunch meals, mostly she have brown rice or Jwaar chapattis. Although she is a Punjabi girl, hence sometimes when much hungry she goes for fish or chicken gravy with least amount of masalas and salt. More often she avoids salt in her food.

Mandy Takhar

One of the most beautiful actresses of Punjabi cinema, the name Mandy Takhar shines high every time it is taken in Punjabi cinema industry. Keeping herself fit is one of the parts of her routine and we often see on Mandy Takhar Insta while she is having workout in the gym.mandy thakhar gym hot


She has kept a personal trainer for her fitness and has a proper amount of food that can lose her calories with maintaining the figure throughout.

For each film, Mandy has different challenging things in front of her along with this she spends equal time on her food plans.

Mandy Takhar stays away from the junk food, food with oil and especially from the things that contain fat in them. Regular workout is the strict plan for her journey in the cinema and fashion shows.

Japji Kaira

Winner of title of Miss World Punjab 2006, leading heroine of movie like Ishq Brandy, Mamla Gadbad Gadbad and many more, Japji Khaira has maintained her figure throughout her beautiful journey in the Punjabi cinema, more over she has the simplest diet plan along with work out exercises behind her fitness secret.

Yes, the simplest. First of all, she is not a hardcore lover of gym of doing workout every time a day. She goes to gym only 2-3 days a week which includes weight lifting or running exercises.

As far as her diet plans are concerned, she is very strict for this. Breakfast includes some cereal with a glass of milk or some brown breads.

Then it comes to the mid-day meals which completes with some fresh fruits and green tea, she often takes green tea only. Lunch have a good diet that is 2-3 chapattis with dal added green salad to the list. In dinner she only have Crabs or fish if she is more hungry.

Navpreet Banga

The actress that did debut with very famous Punjabi film, Bhalwan Singh opposite Ranjit Bawa is born for the fitness. As this is her passion more than acting because before even coming to the industry, she had a huge fan following because she was a gym trainer professionally, that is fit for everything keeping doctors away from themselves.


There are many health tips that you will find on Navpreet Banga Instagram id which will provide the best health tips, workout plans with some diet plans to shape your body in a stylish and mannered way.

Health is the biggest thing that can keep you working for a long time throughout your life, even when the time of old age, you can be running just because of a proper body shape and maintained mindset with yoga, breathing techniques. All the 5 actresses have a thing in common, that is a huge amount of fresh water that they drink to be healthy. So you can follow the same, simple tips to shine up your body into perfect shape.

Sonia Mann:

She has been very popular among the youth and goes to “48 fitness club” which is India’s most premium & technologically advanced, Award winning fitness club. She takes proper diet and training for keeping her inner and outer fitness maintained.sonia mann gym hot sexy

Starting from treadmill to push ups, stretching and weight lifting exercises are the main parts of her daily routine. The club basically belongs to Maharashtra but have several branches all over India.

Neeru Bajwa:

The queen and Laachi of Punjabi film industry is also part of this fitness series we are bringing to you. The day of this beautiful actress starts with gym.neeru bajwa hot sexy pics

she loves running on a treadmill while listing to some high beat music which creates an extraordinary energy inside you to help you in the workout. Daily workout of at least 1 hour is enough to keep your life healthy and beautiful all again.

Parul Gulati:parul gulati hot pics

Not only gyming and dieting but along with this, workshops for body movements is also part of her beautiful body maintaining.


Keep the work going for long is never easy for her, hence maintaining her body through treadmill exercises, doing sumo squat with kettle bell, maintaining body gestures like standing on hands for a time are the parts which include in her gym training.

Gurleen Chopra:

This young actress feels that her happy place is her gym and happy time is her time which keeps her fit and healthy for a long time. Giving a boost start to a day is not only a cup of tea but yes a bit of exercise and stretching of the body is must.gurleen chopra hot pics gym

She loves to do Stretching exercises which helps her in becoming more flexible and for proper breathing level maintained in the body. Gulreen Chopra gyms, along with yoga techniques to keep mindset healthy along with the body fitness.


Diljott is often seen doing various types of exercises on treadmill. Running is a must part of the schedule but along with this she does some weight and self lifting exercises.diljott hot pics gym

The timing that suits her are the morning time of the day when you are full of energy and this gives her a boost to spend the complete day energetically.


Mahi Gill

One of the most beautiful actresses Mahi Gill is the one who is inspiration for many young girls as of her body shape and maintaining. For this she follows a strict plan including dieting, with some amount of workout added to it. Morning times she goes for walking, sort of running as well for just one hour every day.

After this, the time comes for yoga, for a fresh and concentrative mind so that she can do all the works of day with attention. For face freshness she follows some breathing exercises.

Mahi Gill diet plan includes some brown bread with aloe vera juice or Banana juice before starting of workout. Sometimes she has 1 egg with glass of fruit juice. Lunch includes just some boiled vegetables of simply salad. The dinner is done before 20.30 so that before going to bed she have some time to walk, dinner includes 1-2 chapattis with  boiled vegetables.

Gym includes just a 2 hour therapy to the body in which most of the exercises include just for the sake of strength, that are mainly weight lifting exercises and push ups. Going for hard exercises is not part of her personality.

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