Punjabi cinema’s growth is on its peak and we are getting to know some great news for audience. After the master biopics like Harjita, Subedar Joginder Singh and Sajjan Singh Rangroot, we may now have another biopic on the life of Nirmal Singh Shekon. Many people don’t know about Nirmal Singh and the sacrifice that he has made for the nation.


Nirmal Singh Shekon was born on 17th July 1943 in home of a flight lieutenant named as Tarlochan Singh Shekon (IAF). Just like his father Nirmal Singh also inspired himself for joining IAS (Indian Air Force). He was deeply dedicated for his passion and kept his focus on the same dream throughout the time, which further gave him success and Nirmal Singh finally joined IAF on 4th June 1967.

In the air force, he was given very important duty, that of a Pilot. In the year 1971, Nirmal Singh Shekon was posted in Kashmir along with a squadron named as “Flying Bullets”. At the end of this year Pakistan attacked on around fourteen airfields around North India. During this time Nirmal Singh’s airfield was also attacked and at that time he was the only pilot available at Srinagar Base.

He handled the situation all alone and was also advised to return at the base but the time was gone and he had already flown from there and was not able to return because of some technical issues or the failure of the system. The wreckage of his aircraft, Gnat was found in a gorge. After a lot of efforts by army and air force, his body was never found because of hilly area and terrains.


This was a great disappointment for his family and young wife. He sacrificed his life for the nation and fought with the enemy all alone. Nirmal Singh Shekon was awarded ParamVir Chakra which was collected by his father and wife very proudly. And this is how Nirmal Singh become India’s only Air warrior who is awarded highest wartime gallantry award. He was just 26 years old.

Some updates say that some makers are looking for some star cast for making a biopic on Nirmal Singh Shekon and the project may be taken by White Hill Productions. Although in some time everything will be out but nowadays the production house is looking for right personality to act in biopic.

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