Now the wait is finally over, as the trailer of Dulla Vaily has been released. We know that Punjabi cinema has grown so much now but we cannot forget that how it developed so much had which were the movies that took it further day by day. It is only because of legends like Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill that Punjabi cinema survived in its initial stage and they are the only one who have cradled it from the start.

May it be in films like “Badla Jatti Da” or “Jatt Te Zameen” people used to watch these movies like everything is truly happening around then and the battle between hero and the villain is not just their business but it belong to each person watching the film. Now whenever these two legends appear on big screen everyone remembers a time from which Punjabi cinema started and their characters in those movies are remembered again and again.

Just to blow this up again and making a true conclusion we have “Dulla Vaily” which will not just remind us of the time but will take us to the true Punjabi cinema which has now grown so much. Dulla Vaily will be working like a time machine which was needed from a long time and especially for the generation who is not aware of history of Punjabi films and cinema.


The trailer of Dulla Vialy is released today and it’s being loved by people, especially from the audience which is not aware of the initial Punjabi films, because for them this is purely a surprise that how great both these legends are looking opposite each other. The trailer also proves that why they are called as lions of Punjabi cinema.

In Dulla Vaily, Guggu Gill is playing the main lead role of Daleep Singh (Dulla Vaily) and Yograj Singh being villain of this film. The film is not only highlighting both of them but the spot light is also on a very important and must part of Punjabi cinema that two very talented personalities will be introduced to Punjabi cinema industry via Dulla Vaily.

Famous Punjabi Singer, Sarabjit Cheema’s son Gurvar Cheema is going to make his debut in industry through Dulla Vaily and he is playing lead role of a hero in the film, he is looking a way handsome in the trailer. Along with Gurvar Cheema we have very beautiful, Aakanksha Sareen as lead actress of the film.

Akanksha is also to make her debut in the industry through this film.

Sarabjit Cheema will also be playing an important role in this film and his chemistry with Neet mahal is looking very interesting in the trailer. As we have a great singer of Punjab in the movie, then how can we forget about music of the film. We will be having a bunch of songs from various singers, music directors and writers of industry.


The music of songs is given by Gurmeet Singh, Sarng Sikander, Atif khan, Pamma Srai, Sumit Bajaj, and Bhinda Aujla. Songs are penned by Dalvir Kang, Pargat Bhagu, Sarbjit Cheema, Manjit Uppal & Late. Parveen kumar Aksh. And singers are Ninja, Mannat Noor, Arvinder Singh, Hemy Naroo, Gurvar Cheema, Sarbjit cheema, Bobby Layal and Manjit Uppal.

Dulla Vaily is going to release on 4th January 2019 and this is the best time to experience such a film as new year is here and this being the most beautiful gift from the legends of the industry being given to us.

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