B Praak Music Director – The SuperHit Machine of Punjabi Music

B Praak is a music director from Punjab who is also called super hit machine of Punjabi music industry. He has given his music to numerous super hit songs including Soch, Joker by Hardy Sandhu, Ghat Boldi by Gippy Grewal, Do you Know by Diljit Dosanjh, Taara by Ammy Virk, Ik Saal by Jassi Gill, Album Shayar & many more songs. He is the winner of PTC Best Music Director Award 2014-15 for album shayar. Let’s talk about his journey, experience, and his new ventures.


He was born and brought up in Chandigarh. B Praak has completed his schooling from St.Xavier, Chandigarh.

He born in the house of music, His dad Mr. Varinder Bachan is a music director and composer. Mr. Surinder Bachan, uncle is also a music director and composer and they are the legends of Punjabi industry. So music in his blood, He often says you can’t do anything in any line if you’ll not do hard work. He hasn’t learned anything from them but it’s their blessings which made him to do that.

Soch By Hardy Sandhu is the biggest hit of B Praak’s career. Before that song, he was not a star and Soch Song made him star within a day. Soch Song was released in 2013.


B Praak has changed his name in 2013 with the release of Soch Song. His previous name was Praky. So B came from Bachan and Praak came from Praky.He does not want to disclose his real name to the public.

He says his new name B Praak is very lucky for him. After changing the name he got tremendous success.

When new technology and computers came to the music industry, his father advised him to learn music composing software. In the starting, nobody was willing to teach him. Somehow he managed to learn Music Composition Software, Music Notation from Mr. JB Singh of Saraswati Studios Chandigarh. At first, he learned to remix song.

B praak has struggled a lot in his life. Before becoming famous he practiced music for 10 years and got perfection in every aspect of music. He often composes music by mouth without any musical instrument.

Initially, his aim was to become a singer but somehow it changed to a music composer but now He has released his debut Song “Mann Bharrya” as a singer.

Mann Bharrya Song is a smashing hit. He released the song when there was the trend of Beat songs in Punjabi music industry, and he has changed the trend back to melody songs. He is the trendsetter in Punjabi music. He gives all the credit to his Team (Jaani, Hardy Sandhu, Arvindr Khaira). Mann Bharrya Song is written by Jaani. The Song Mann Bharrya was first written in Hindi by jaani. Jaani Had penned Mann Bharrya while traveling to Australia. Mann Bharrya song is picturised on the various locations of Kota Rajasthan.


He says the First thing which comes in his mind while composing a song is just one thing that this is his first and last song if I’ll not get it done perfectly, everything will go down and burst. So do everything from heart and have faith in yourself, you will never fail. He and Jaani Compose music in front of the singer and they all work together for the success of the song.

According to B Praak, A music director should be a very good composer if he or she wants to do a creative work. A music director should be a very good listener. Actually, it’s the first thing because if you are not a good listener you can’t make good music and a music director should have knowledge about every instrument and the main thing how to manage those instruments. B Praak is very good human being, a calm person, and a great listener.

B Praak loves Hindi Melody Songs composed by A.R. Rehman, Pritam. A.R. Rehman is his favorite Music Composer. He listens to every kind of music whether its Punjabi, English, Hindi, Tamil or in any language because it’s very important for a composer and music has no language if you’ll ask what is your mother tongue, he says my mother tongue is music.

He is the biggest fan of Jazzy B, although he never worked with Jazzy B. He loves live performances of Jazzy B and the energy he shows while performing at the stage.

When taking about disappointed in his journey, He says that a lot of times just because of my previous work before B Praak. After changing the name no disappointments, No regrets. B Praak faced many rejections before he made it big. His hard work shows his class.

Now He plans to stay in Mumbai and make music for Bollywood movies. His love besides music is nothing because his day starts with music and it ends with music. It’s everything for him.

B Praak is very active on Social Media, he replies to all of his fans. He loves to eat and cook chicken for his team. He loves to play guitar. B Praak does not drink tea or coffee and he only drinks water.

He is very much single. He indulged in fashion too as he loves to wear T-shirts, earrings. B Praak got tattoos on his arms.

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