Michela Chiappa Biography | Pasta Has Made a Life That Has Maximum of Sauce Around



 Ever imagined a whole TV cooking show based of various kind of pasta recipes in it, not really. But yes we have a lady named Michela Chiappa who has been doing a cooking show which is just based of the same concept. Just 36 years old Michela Chiappa has worked with most famous company Nastle, Diver Tom Daley and at Etihad Airways as well.

Italian food is always loved by all around the world and hence Michela Chiappa, as a chef thought of spreading this taste all over the world with her simplest recipes that would be easy for everyone to make. She has gained a lot of love for her work even because she is very gorgeous; one website wrote that “this chef looks more like a Californian Model rather than someone who has spent her life in pursuit of perfect ragu”.

Michela Chiappa says that she has very important part of food in her life, not in eating but in preparing a good food after all. Further she states that she has learned recipe of tortelloni just like the way one learns to walk which is really an appreciable comment from her side.


Michela Chiappa was born in Wales and she has two sisters, her entire family is originally from Bologna region of Italy but later on they moved to United Kingdom in 1950s. She has also lived with her uncle and aunts with almost 13 of her cousins on a single terrace but she says that the things for her were always as normal as she is living today. Making Italian food was a big part of her family which has made her move to kitchen and does experiments for everyone at a place.

She has experienced number of challenges while she was at her home in the kitchen but she used to tackle them with full power of experiments. Michela Chiappa has gone through number of generations while cooking, especially on the special occasions in the home, she used to make pasta recipes along with making Pizza’s at home which would taste just like bakeries. This is how she started achieving a little success in her cooking style, not without a proper training but the hard work that she has done not less than training for producing a magic in her hands.

These are some of the really strong reasons that she has made her own way of watching the things differently and create her own vision about the Italian food. Some of her publisher friends just gave her idea of printing a book which includes all her family recipes, the idea was great but later on when she was offered a TV show for the same. She realized that her she is passionate about food, also that was just part of her home life not her job. But when the things changes she is also clueless for the same.

Both of her sisters are career women but have come up to help her in the same show as her family has left Italy but she feels that somewhere they have carried out all the taste and tradition that is still alive in them. This is how the show “Simply Italian” worked so high with a great teamwork of a family that has made recipes on tips of people and easy to cook.

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