Ardaas Karaan -When Meaningful Cinema Is Entertaining

Meaningful cinema and just cinema are two different things. Many people still in the industry need to understand this fact. Punjabi cinema’s growth has been seen drastically in last few years and we have number of films which really have loge lives.


Most of these films are not commercial and are only meaningful films those having impressed us with their story and screenplay. Some from them are commercial too and they have always set an example that good cinema provides good business too; you just need to have some guts and strategies in your cart to do so.

Let’s have a look at best Some Punjabi films

Punjab 1984


Punjab 1984 was a kind of film which really had a subject and was the first Punjabi film that took us to the times of 1984. The film was very successful and Diljit Dosanjh came up as one of the best actors of Punjabi film industry after being a singer. The class of his acting was amazing in that film and direction of Anurag Singh was appreciable.

The film was on a very serious topic to which new generation had to make familiar with. The best part was that, many things were kept in mind while making of this film, it was penned in such a way, so that there are no censor board restrictions on release of this film.

Film director, Pali Bhupinder Singh said in one of his interviews that after Punjab 1984 Diljit has done so many stupid things while doing comedy film that he has forgotten his class. There is only one more film in which acting has taken place and Diljit has highlighted himself as a great actor, in Bollywood film, Udta Punjab.

Qissa Punjab

Now coming to another film, Qissa Punjab, Jatinder Mathur was director of this film and this film too had amazing work done. Along with the topic they have chosen for the film, the film was not successful at box office but had a great subject. It has IMDb rating of 7.4.

Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe


In 2015 we had Eh Janam Tumhare lekhe, which was based on the life of Bhaghat Puran Singh, who served humanity throughout his life and his made Pingalwada is still there in Amritsar, which works for patients with deadly diseases. This film is a great work and was made with just budget of 40 Lakhs, but it does have a great message for life and the film can always set an example for next generation kids. This film also did good business at box office and is a film for lifetime. It has IDMb Rating 8.5.


Debut directional film of Gippy Grewal, Ardaas was a master piece of all and was came out of be one of the best films of all the time. It has a very simple storyline with such a beautiful message hidden in it.

Films like Ardaas taught us to grow up in life and tell us that how one can live life in a better way. Gurpreet Ghughi was on lead in this film and the film did good business as well.

Ardaas Karaan (Ardaas 2)

This is second part of above film, although with a different storyline but had an amazing concept in it. The film has such a meaningful and genuine storyline with strong build up of screenplay and direction. The dialogues of this film are penned by Rana Ranbir and whole film has been shot in Canada.

Gippy Grewal has again proved that Punjabi cinema is no less than any other cinema; the film has been made with such a great star cast and crew. Gippy Grewal’s little son has also been part of this film and Rana Ranbir’s Daughter has also made her debut in Punjabi Film industry with this film.

But yes, we need to understand that where to invest and where to not. Movies require attention and smart work to work in cinemas. Only money, number of screens, celeb status can’t take a film high. It should have a good story part and it should be like people can watch it for many times without getting bored.

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