Two of Harish Verma’s upcoming films are set to release on same day

Harish Verma’s upcoming film Krazzy Tabbar which was thought to release in June will be released on 7th July. The movie release is delayed by one month. Interestingly, Harish Verma’s another Punjabi Movie Thug Life has already been scheduled to be released on the same day, 7th July 2017.


Punjabi cinema is small and it’s getting better and better day by day. Of course, Punjabi Movies have limited audience; some egoistic producers don’t want to understand this simple thing.

We are talking about krazzy Tabbar v/s Thug life.

krazzy Tabbar is directed by Ajay Chandok and on the other hand, Thug Life is directed by Mukesh Vohra. Both Ajay Chandok and Mukesh Vohra are very experienced director of pollywood but still, they have the same release date for their movie i.e 7 July 2017.


Both Thug life and krazzy Tabbar are leading towards total disaster. Overconfident Directors and producers have confused the Punjabi audience.

Harish Verma renowned actor of pollywood is in lead role in both the movies. Same date release of thug life and krazzy Tabbar is not good for the career of Harish Verma.

Poster of Krazzy Tabbar is already out. One can easily judge story of krazzy Tabbar, it’s based on comedy genre. The Same concept has been repeated in many Punjabi flicks. It is very disappointing that filmmakers don’t want to leave old concept.

Thug life, on the other hand, looks little different but the story of the movie is still predictable. It’s sure that film will be average.

We feel that both the filmmakers don’t want to do a compromise.

Still, there is time filmmakers should reschedule release date of their movies otherwise both films will fail to impress the audience.


For the sake of Punjabi cinema and for the career of Harish Verma Thug life and Karzzy Tabbar should not be released on same day.

Update: producers of Thug Life have decided to release their movie on 21st July 2017. Its really a wise decision taken by the team of thug life. 

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