We do understand that planning a movie and then finally making it happen takes so much to do, it is after all one of the master projects that run a whole industry. This is the high time when Punjabi cinema has finally started to grow and also this is only the time when the industry has very bad coordination among many aspects like, between distributors, promoters and even the artist.


Purpose of a movie may be like sending a good idea to people but at the end of a day making money is much more important, which really requires a good and well-planned release of films. But we are facing some of the biggest complications in managing of the films in a proper manner.

The release date of many films are announced before the start of the shoot, some of the posters are so advanced that they do not contain even a single celebrity name on them because this needs to be decided yet that who will be main lead of the film.

There are several posters of a film containing all different release dates on it. This has happened in case of upcoming Punjabi movie of Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa directed by Simarjit Singh and is named as “Muklava” the film has two posters mentioned two different dates on them, one says 28th March 2019 and second one says 3rd May 2019 which is definitely is not a mistake.


Ambardeep Singh, director and actor of famous Punjabi film starring Neeru Bajwa and Ammy Virk, “Laung Laachi” has released a poster with a Maruti car decorated with ribbons. The name of this film was given as “Car Ribbna Wali” but now the whole poster of film has been changed and the film is named as “Bhajo Ve Veero”. And it has a release date too, which is 14th December 2018.

And this is not only about these days but last year also, Golak Bugni Bank Batua’s actor, Harish Verma faced this problem as two of his movies were kept to release on same days. Which means double duties for promotions and everything goes wrong with the actor and whole movie team.

Babbu Maan’s Banjara was supposed to release on 28th September but this did not happened, and now it is going to release on 7th November which is another a bad choice because on same day, Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill starring Dulla Vaily is going to release. The Maan team has totally ignored this major factor which will ultimately harm earnings of both films, also they will get less screens for the shows.

Now Pankaj Verma’s film “High End Yaaria”, Gagan Kokri’s “Yaara Ve” is also releasing on the same day when Roshan Prince’s “Laavan Phere 2” is going to release i.e. on 22nd February 2019. Both these movies are big blasts as Laavan Phere 2 is sequel to Laavan Phere, which was a super hit film on big screens while High End Yaarian stars Jassi Gill, Ranjit Bawa and Ninja and YaaraVe is starring GaganKokri as lead. Now there are 3 Punjabi movies releasing on the same day which is very poor coordination and concept all this will affect the overall income and number of shows per movie will be less.

Another thing which happened with Gurpreet Ghughi starrer “Son of Manjit Singh” was this that the film was supposed to release on 5th October but somehow released on 12th October which is really a bad part.

These are just some of the main examples we have looked on to but there are several many other things going wrong in the industry. We really have to pull our socks up, if we really want to grow the industry in a well-maintained manner. Otherwise, lack of professional work leads to unprofessional results.

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