Zameer by Kanwar Grewal : The mirror of Punjab

Zameer by Kanwar Grewal: The mirror of Punjab


A person who is most near to Sufism in Punjab, Kanwar Grewal is back with another meaningful song which includes the bitter truth of Punjab and its disappearing culture. As we listen to the songs of today, they include topics like weapons, girls and drugs, as if they want to tell us that these are the only things left to talk about and that is what influences today’s generation.

So, the video concept of the song is written by the lyricist himself, “Guru Kirpa”. That shows us the mirror of our state also it reflects the solution if this problem, and shows us the future as well if all this is going to continue. On a personal level, if everyone could think these type of songs, we can imagine our future as well as the level of our culture that is going to be in coming days.

Official Video Zameer | Kanwar Grewal | Full Song 


Also, the song teaches the singers of today who sing without learning the music and become popular, to better take a break from their fake fame and learn something so that they can sing well and songs that inspire our youth and are near to our culture.

At the end of the video, there comes the summary of the whole song in a very famous quote by Lenin, “Tell me what type of songs are being hummed by your youth and people, I can tell you the future of your country”.

We wish him all the very best for this is such an inspiring and true effort that is much needed in today’s time.

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