Chanda Mama Door Ke is actually a short poem that many mothers in India hum for making their children sleep well with this poem but this time it is actually the title given to very first space film of India which is to be made by largest Indian film industry, Bollywood cinema. The movie is scheduled to release on 68th republic day of India; that is 26th January 2018, which is a national holiday as well.


Chanda Mama Door Ke Cast:

The Chanda Mama Door Ke movie is staring very famous, hard working actor of Bollywood cinema, who has gained a lot of respect and fame after doing a biopic on M. S. Dhoni’s life; yes he is none other than Sushant Singh Rajput. Opposite him, we will be having Sharaddha Kapoor. There some more faces that are also well known in the industry like Bhumi Pednekar, Navazuddeen Sadeeqi and R. Madhwan.

Chanda Mama Door Ke Producer:

Producer of this unique and the newest concept is Viki Rajani. The production of this film was not less than a tragedy that has happened a few time back, as the film was to shot with space scenes and hence the things went to United States America along with this it went to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Which was not easy to sponsor and hence the makers decided to shut the movie but somehow they had to do a compromise that is, the location of the film was changed according to the budget.

Chanda Mama Door Ke facts and hard work:

The Chanda Mama Door Ke  film is not only about space but also based on the life of an astronaut which includes some of the true events related to life of first ever Indian astronaut who went to moon named as ‘Rakesh Kumar’ who when landed on the moon was asked on a call that ‘How does India looks from there?’ by the prime minister, Indra Gandhi and he replied ‘Sare Jahan se acha, Hindustan hmara’ which means that ‘India is the most beautiful place on the earth’.


Moreover for Sushant Singh Rajpoot it was chance to learn something very great and new, hence he went to NASA for a proper special training which could make him experience the life of an astronaut for which he had to underwent trainings like underwater 5DF training exercises during the times at NASA Space camp, US Space & Rocket Centre, Huntsville, Alebama in USA during July 2017.

Moreover all this was done by him on his own expense and the budget of the film was about to die for few moments, Sushan Singh Rajput also experienced Space Suit which was made of 11 layers, Neutral Buoyancy, Centrifuge, Moon walking, Zero Gravity and international space station operations. Moreover he also experienced 4Gs in centrifuge which an astronaut actually feels in some special rockets like Saturn V during the times when they go to moon.

This shows his interest and hard work that the man is doing just for a film, when from an news channel of America, it was asked to him that ‘Basically who are you and why are you here in NASA’ and he replied that ‘I am Neel Armstrom of India and basically I want to be an astronaut as I have done my studies in engineering but I am into profession of acting but through this I will defiantly learn so many things, this is like a dream come true, to visit NASA.’

There are many scenes that are to be shot for really making everyone realize of this space world by making zero gravity scenes and underwater diving as well. Moreover, Sushant Singh Rajput also gone through some documentaries and books to know the life of a astronaut.

Director of Chanda Mama Door Ke Movie 

The movie is directed by Sanjay Pooran Singh Chowdhary. This man has really done a lot of effort to save the postpone of this movie as he made the movie always keeping NASA in mind and Sushan Singh Rajput also did a lot of hard work for the same but he finally to get out of budget issues compromised with location, the movie was firstly to be shot on United States America but has shifted to United Kingdom London/England. But the director will be making London, America only for the viewers.

The distribution of this Chanda Mama Door Ke movie is to be done by Fox Star Studios.


We look forward for this master change in the Bollywood cinema, defiantly Sushant Singh Rajput and writer, director of the film Sanjay Pooran Singh Chawdhary will be giving an unforgettable gift to the Bollywood industry. Stay tuned for more gossip and updates from Bollywood and Pollywood Cinema.

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