‘Punjabi songs’ are the ailment for all the wounds of the heart, we cannot stop tapping our feet when played, even if we are sad, punjabi songs set fire on the cinemas in every single movie releasing in Bollywood today. Now if we think! Can a heart function without its beats? Nope! Right? So can’t these ‘Hindi movies’.And these are those 10 Punjabi songs which have changed the outlook of  Punjabi Music, from lyrics to beats all are just going crazy with the punjabi vibes. Here are the Top 10 most viewed Punjabi songs on Youtube.


10) Wakhra swag by Navv Inder- 100+ million views.

This song has been sung by the ruler of the singing hearts, none other than ‘Navv Inder ft. Badshah’. Whereas the lyrics have been penned down by ‘Navi Kamoz’, the music is gifted by  “Badshah” himself. Whereas the label provided by times music.
‘Badshah’s song’ has made millions of people proud of their ‘Wakhra Swag’, almost 100 million to be precise.


9) Mercy by Badshah- 121+ million  views

The sole reason behind this song is none other than the king of hearts ‘Badshah’, the sole parent of this song, giving it voice, lyrics and music himself has nurtured this song like a baby, which have grown to be quite successful.
Badshah’s song made a great hit and was on the playlist of millions of people almost 121 million people approximately.

8) Laembadgini by Diljit Dosanjh – 122+ million views

Diljit Dosanjh‘s one of the best song, which set fire to the heart of the youths, While the lyrics were created by, ‘Veer Baljit’, ‘Jitender Shah’ gave the rhythm and music to it, a song of “Speed Records. ” This Song has made millions of people tap their feet, more than 122 million to be exact.


7) Na Na Na by j Star – 133+ million views

This song is created by ‘J star’, ‘The star of pollywood’. He has worked hard on this song, making it one of the most popular songs, providing it with great music, along with the voice and lyrics himself.  The label was given by ‘J star productions’ itself.
After J star this song is sung by millions of people, may it be a teenager or the youth itself, it crossed 133 million views in all on youtube.

6) Suit Suit  by Guru Randhawa-  180+ million views

The voices behind this melodious track are ‘Guru Randhawa ft. Arjun.’  and the voices have provided the words themselves, i.e. Lyrics are given by Guru Randhawa and Arjun. Music is given by ‘Intense’.  And the label provided by ‘T-Series’.
Sung in the praise of beauty this song has robbed hearts of about 180 million people crossing 180 million views.

5) Na ja Na ja by Pav Dhaira –  181+ million views

The voice of the song is ‘Pav Dhaira’, whereas its lyrics have been formed by the willing efforts and teamwork of ‘Pav Dhaira’, ‘Manav Sangha’ and ‘Don Jaan’.  Music again was created by the voice of the song ‘Pav Dhaira’. The label of White Hill Music has been given.
This song made every non-dancer dance onto its beats and rhythm, this song was witnessed by more than 181 million people in all.

4) Backbone by Hardy Sandhu – 217+ million views


This song is sung by “Hardy Sandhu”
One of the most enthralling singers of pollywood industry. The lyrics to this song has been contributed by ‘Jaani’, whereas the music is created by ‘B Praak’ and the label provided by ‘Sony Music’.
The ‘backbone’ of the success of this song was its huge audience including 217 million people in it, who made this song a big hit.

3) 3 Peg by ‘Sharry Mann – 235+ million views

The voice is given by ‘Sharry Mann‘ the heart of the pollywood industry, whereas the lyrics and music is provided by ‘Ravi Raj’ and ‘Mista Baaz’ respectively. Whereas the label has been provided by ‘T-Series’.
This intoxicating song,  caused its addiction to 235 million people and more, crossing 235 + million views.

2) LAHORE by Guru Randhawa- 318+ million views

LAHORE in the voice of “Guru Randhawa”, The song is composed and penned by Guru Randhawa.

This man is a winner of hearts, with a great fan following.  its music is produced by ‘Vee Music’, whereas the label of T-Series has been given. This sensational song spread like fire having 318+ million views.
Guru Randhawa’s song act like a treat to our heart and souls.

1) High Rated Gabru by Guru Randhawa- 345+ million views


Sung by Guru Randhawa, is one of the most appealing ‘songs of pollywood’. The lyrics have been created by the voice of the song itself, that is Guru Randhawa himself,  whereas the music is contributed by ‘Manj Musik’. ‘T- Series’ is the label of the song.
This song has been applauded by more than 345 million people, on youtube and the song is most viewed Punjabi songs on Youtube

So it was list of most viewed Punjabi songs on Youtube, punjabi songs are now not only ruling the Pollywood industry but now Bollywood itself, it has changed not only the playlist of the people but also their lifestyle, which has been very influential on the people, it acts as a trendsetter not only in the sense of music and style but other things including fashion and lifestyle too. It is not reaching only to the people of Punjab, but too every nook and corner of northern India, may it be a kid or an adult, punjabi music is enjoyed by all, and hence it can be included in one those music styles, which remains evergreen forever.

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