Amrinder Gill is a successful singer of Punjabi music industry, who is well known for his melodious voice. When there is talk about romantic songs or sad ones, this is the first most name taken by audience. During the times he has developed himself as an actor as well. Which is further more innovative and he has given number of wonderful movies to Punjabi cinema, let’s have a look on some of the best movies of Amrinder Gill.


1. Munde UK De: British by Right Punjabi by Heart

The story is very interesting which revolves around a love story that is bounded by the barriers of traditions and cultures. As the title says that British by Right Punjabi by Heart, so it is about a Punjabi youngster stalled in UK but wants to marry a girl from Punjab. When he finds one, then the issue of his life style in UK does not match to Punjabi tradition. The suspense here is, will the marriage be successful? The movie is directed by Manmohan Singh and stars Jimmy Shergill, Amrinder Gill, Neeru Bajwa and Gurpreet Ghughi.

 2. Ik Kudi Punjab Di (2010)


This is a romantic tale which also gives a message to the male dominant society that girls are just equal to boys and no one can take them for granted. This was a story of a girl who fights against her family and lover for the sake of her goal to just take over the male dominant societies. And when her lover understands her feelings he too joins hands with her to fight against the same but all this is not going to be easy for them. This masterpiece will take you to a romantic and power pack love story. The movie is directed by Manmohan Singh.

 3. Taur Mittran Di (2012)

This is the mix of action, comedy and drama. More than this, the movie reminds us about our national game called hockey, which has been show cased in the film. The story includes two heroes who first fight against each other and then they join hands to rock the game of hockey. You will also enjoy the environment of college life, which will be seen in the film. This movie is directed by Navaniat Singh and stars Amrinder Gill, Rannvijay Singh, Surveen Chawla and Mukesh Rishi.

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 4. Daddy Cool Munde Fool (2013)

This film is about two families, one have 2 daughters and want them to marry in a same house that has two real brothers. Same in the case with another family that has two real brothers and looking for sibling girls to marry. Both the brothers found their live in the sibling sisters at first site, then they asked their father to just go and talk for their marriage with the girls but father falls in love with the mother of two girls as she comes out to be her classmate during the times he used to study in school. A lot will happen to marry the guys to their love by stopping their father. Director of movie is Simarjit Singh.

5. Goreya Nu Daffa Karo (2014)


This is one of the best movies of Amrinder Gill, Goreya Nu Daffa Karo was directed by one of the most talented directors of industry, Pankaj Batra. Story is about two different persons from two different countries, what happens when romance between them develops. The film stars Amrinder Gill, Binnu Dhillon, Yograj Singh and Rana Ranbir.

6. Happy Go Lucky (2014)

Happy Go Lucky is the funniest film of Amrinder Gill till now which was shot with the personalities like Gurpreet Ghughi, Harish Verma, Sumit Sandhu and Gurpreet Ghughi. The director of this movie is Amarpreet G.S Chhabra. The story is about three friends who arrange their marriages.

7. Angrej (2015)

The film will take you to the times when there were no phones but love was in the air and how love stories worked during those times. Ammy Virk and Amrinder Gill have really contributed to the cinema by doing this movie. And it is one of the best movies of Amrinder Gill with Ammy Virk. The film is directed by Simarjit Singh, featuring Sargun Mehta Dubey, Aditi Sharam along.

8. Love Punjab (2016)

Love Punjab is not just a family drama film but it also shows us the rich heritage of Punjab against the western culture. The story revolves around a family in which both parents fight every day due to which their son goes in depression for which they come to Punjab to change his thoughts and divert his mind towards richness of Punjab. The results come out to be solving problems between both of them as well by just realizing about all the stupid things they did while they were in Canada.

9. Lahoriye (2017)

Love for Pakistan in the Punjabi’s has never died, especially for Lahore as it is a part of Punjab and many of the grandparents have lost their loved once there. Lahoriye is the movie that revolves around love between a Punjabi guy with a Muslim girl, the story shows that how their love story becomes successful even when they are on opposite sides of the border. The movie is directed by Amberdeep Singh and stars Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta Dubey, Gaggu Gill and Yuvraj Hans.

10. Sarvann (2017)


Sarvann is dedicated to all the Punjabis living out of Punjab in the foreign cities and have a dream to connect back to their culture and roots. This is also the journey of one who wants to connect to same and for this he travels to India, the journey was never that pleasant as he thought, in result of which it changes his life. The film is directed by Karaan Guliani and stars Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal, Ranjit Bawa in supporting role and Gurmeet Saajan.

We really hope that this Punjabi will continue to will many hearts with his voice and acting on the screen. 

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