Baaz is the actor, writer of the upcoming movie “Kande” which is directed by Hollywood director, but still Punjabi from the heart, one and only Kavi Raz, who directed and wrote “The Black Prince”.


we can call him a full performance pack artist who has gained perfection in the field after a struggle and experience in the field. Not only is the part of writing, but Baaz also playing an important role in the movie Kande which is the role of a villain.

The story written by Baaz is adopted by such a great director like Kavi Raz means that there must be something great in his writing that it is taking place as a movie which is to be shown on big screen. Not only this is an interesting part but this movie is also featuring Yograj Singh and Sunita Dhir with each other after a long time.

baaz actor writer


Baaz belongs to Malakpur village in Bet area and completed his schooling in 1994, also during the same year he remained at first place in the Punjabi folk dance Bhangra in Punjab when he performed in Kotkapura. During his graduation, he took part in plays as well and his play scored the second rank on the board, the play named “Hor Vi Utsi Marad ka Chela”. He also performed as Zakaria Khan, a lead role, on the occasion of tricentenary of Khalsa in his play “Guru Sangat Kini Khalsa”. He was awarded college colors and university colors for being the best folk dancer for 5 consecutive years. He has also been good in the field of management and leadership as he has remained Sports Club president in 1994 and Diamond youth Club President in 1996.

Baaz also arranged youth leadership camps, and he managed different fields like youth leadership, hiking and tracking. Also during the time, he has managed to arrange many Blood donation camps as well. The year 1997-98 was one of the best years for him as he was awarded Saheed-e-Aazam Bhagat Singh Award at the state level from Govt. of Punjab, youth welfare services being very active in the youth activities as an artist.

Along with this kind of achievements Baaz also did some national level plays. In 1999 he started modeling and walking ramp. That added more charm to his personality. Between 1999 to 2003 Baaz worked in various Punjabi Video songs and his main video songs that highly came into talks were videos with Hardev Mahinangal and Nachattar Gill, also he was leading model in Nachattar Gill’s debut song in the year 2001. He did many videos with Bathinda Music Company as a Model in the songs. He is best known for the album “Malwe de Munde”.

He also worked in Doordarshan. Later on, he joined Alive Artist Group that was developed and maintained by Nirmal Rishi and there he performed in many plays. Like one of the very famous play is “Saavi” that was based on the life of a girl named Saavi and was who belonged to a Gujjar family and was living under male dominant society, so he played one of the leading roles in the play and was in news for a long time because of his acting and skills.baaz writer kande movie

Anyways, after the huge success and appreciation form “Saavi”, He further played in the next play of Alive Artist Group in 2005 at Guru Nanak Bhawan, Ludhiana with Jeet Rudeka and other artists. The play was named as “Dhukhde Kaleere” and his character was named as Bhai Bhupinder.

Not just in the field of Dance, acting and modeling but in writing as well, Baaz has never remained silent. In 2005 he wrote a novel named Jadan which was released by Punjabi Likhari Sabha, after this in 2006 he released another novel “Pehle Pehar Da Chann”. In 2007, Baaz diverted his writings from novels to play. So he also wrote a play named “Kissa Heer Ranjhe da”.


Later in 2015, Baaz and Jeet felt that there should be their own group that should be promoted and maintained by themselves. So they created a group named “The Wave Artist Group” and in the same year Baaz was ready with a play that was his own written named as “Kande”. The play was performed in front of DGP of Ludhiana at Guru Nanak Bhawan, Ludhiana on 18th of July 2015.

Baaz also directed “The Wave Artist Group” and later on became its CEO. His play “Kande” was so good and well maintained in the storyline that today a great director like “Kavi Raz” is directing the upcoming movie “Kande”. Just like roots of a tree, Baaz is the root of this written film and characters on which everyone is doing their work with full attention and hard work. Along with this, there are some new artists as well that are in part of the film and there are very senior artists as well like Yograj Singh and Sunita Dhir. So it will be very interesting to see such great and talented personalities on the big screen and may this film and our writer Baaz, get a huge success in the industry.

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