There is a natural fact about Punjabi models that, we have some of the most beautiful girls in Punjabi songs. This will not be sounding awkward if one says that some of them are more beautiful than the actresses of many films we watch and many of us from the audience want to have these beauties on big screens rather than just to be the part of a song of 5 minutes.


Just like many beautiful girl models of Punjabi music industry we have Aakanksha Sareen who has won title of Femina Miss Diva 2015 in Chandigarh after which she got a call for her first debut track in Punjabi music industry to work with Happy RaiKoti in his song Jaan.



Her career got a boost as a model when this song was super hit and she got to work with Roshan Prince, Ranjit Bawa, Resham Singh Anmol and many other artists as well. She purely believes in destiny and says that she has no clue that where her destiny is going to take her in future but the current work she is doing is most important for her.

She has never learned acting from a proper acting school and she believes that acting cannot be learned from a person but can be experienced when you are on a set or when you are asked, that you have to act on a particular situation. She has gone to Jaspal Bhatti acting school as a hobby for around 2 months but did not continue the same as a proper acting thing.

Aakanksha Sareen says that she has experienced a lot of difference in her performance when she was on the set of Happy RaiKoti’s Jaan song and now she is going to debut in Dulla Vaily Punjabi movie. She has improved a lot in her skills by getting more and more opportunities to work in various music videos and each one of it has its own challenges that improve your skills day by day.

Dulla Vaily Trailer

She says that she learns a lot from senior artists when she is on the sets, she sees it clearly that how they have survived from 10 long years in the industry.

Aakanksha Sareen says that the most important thing she has learned from senior artists like Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill is that they are very co-operative with the director of movie and never ask that when the pack up is going to take place, she has also learned even from the spot boys that how to stay patient and calm during the time of work.


Now her destiny has finally taken a great turn as she is also going to turn an actress from a successful model of Punjabi industry, her skills will develop more and many people who have loved her songs will love her presence of the big screen as well.

She will be seen against Gurvar Cheema, who is son of famous Punjabi singer Sarabjit Cheema and is also making debut in the Punjabi cinema through Dulla Vaily.

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